Saturday, October 13, 2007

At Celise's Place: Teen Read Week

Celise Downs, who frequently stops by, is celebrating Teen Read Week this coming week. As an ex-middle school teacher, I think this is a great thing, because it's so very tough to battle X-Boxes and Playstation with books. But once a reluctant readers finds a work that interests them--that's huge. So any attention we can give to this push would be great!

Additionally, Celise is giving away prizes and posting "character interviews" based on questions culled from the blog posters. I love this interview idea, and I think there'll be lots of fun to be had. (And how can you resist asking questions to a character named Draven Atreides? Love it!)

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Celise said...

Hey, thanks so much for plugging me, Crystal! Gotta question for you. What's up with the new Battlestar Gallactica Razor thing? I was watching Flash Gordon (serious guilty pleasure) on the Sci-Fi channel last night and they were talking about the new season. I didn't see any of the main characters like Starbuck, Adama, or Adama's son, Apollo. Just wondering what the dealio is?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

You're welcome! I love what you're doing. :)

Okay, BG: RAZOR is a "special event" that's supposed to fill in some gaps. I believe it takes place before this BG series, then shows us a little about a time in Bill Adama's earlier career, plus Lee Adama's command of the Pegasus. I think Cain might be in a bit of it, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping she is, because she was a great character. Man, her death was awesome. She's a woman of principle through and through.

Anyway, I am TOTALLY looking forward to this--and the rest of the regular season, of course!