Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire Vibes

Thank you so much to all of you who have contacted me about the fires. Your concern is really touching. :) I feel like such a drama queen because my family was unscathed, thank goodness, and the damage other familes are facing blows my mind. Can you imagine coming home to a smoking shell of where you used to live? Talk about feeling lost. Luckily, there have been minimal deaths and injuries, and I think that's in large part to how the emergency services were handled. Communication was truly excellent--they were ready for this one. I do wish the air assault had started sooner but, from my understanding, the fire conditions had something to do with that. Good old Governator skipped all the paperwork to get us help. So right now, it looks like a total kick ass job by him and the county leaders.

Isn't it scary to know that with all the advances we've made in the last century-plus, we still don't have control over the elements? They can still strike us down within a few days. I'm telling you, seeing all that red (burning areas) on a map and recognizing that your area is surrounded is a real panic. Monday and Tuesday, I was imagining being caged in with no escape. Thanks to the heroics of the community--firefighters, law enforcement, officials, citizens who are donating $$$ and time for the recovery--things are looking up.

Unfortunately, there are sucky stories to go with the ones that show humanity at its best. Consider these tidbits:

-In Ramona, two losers were caught looting evacuated homes.
(Well done, douchebags.)

-One of the fires is said to have been started by an arsonist.
(No punishment is painful enough.)

-At a local mall that served as an evacuation point, a few people built a freaking bonfire, and firefighters had to be summoned to put it out.

-After one couple returned from a honeymoon to find their home in ruins, salt was added to their gaping wounds when the wife phoned some company (cable?) to let them know that they needed to shut all the services down. The company asked if the couple still had the rented satellite, the wife answered that everything was destroyed, and the company told her that she owed them $300.
(Yes, it's true. I saw this one on the news.)

So...once again, the scales of humanity balance, yin and yang. But without darkness there would be none of the light everyone else has provided. To all those who have worked so hard in this community, you're an inspiration!


Nicole said...

Ugh, there is no punishment that is enough for some people. I hope that woman went off on them and I hope that cable/satellite company lost customers. I can't believe they would do that. I'm glad you're safe. Sending Big Hugs.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Nicole/Selena : )
Yeah, I'd love to hear a follow-up on this story. The reporter who was interviewing her was livid, so I wouldn't be surprised if the station's consumer advocate got on it!

Nicole said...

I hope the advocate does get involved and the company feels shame for what they did and gives the couple something like a free year of cable or something. I just can't believe that.