Monday, October 08, 2007

HEROES, 10/08

There was a distressing lack of bare male chestage tonight. Hmph. Otherwise, some neat-o stuff, and if you think I'm in a dither because Kensei's storyline appears to be over and done with, read on....

- We open in Metaphorland, where the mystery box serves to introduce the general theme of “not knowing yourself.” We focus on Peter, the manboy who has struggled with a search for self-identity since episode one. Interestingly, the theme is carried out fairly deftly by the end of tonight's action....

- Back when I had time to post on the eHarlequin boards, someone commented that Nadia from ALIAS was “fretful.” I just about fell on my butt laughing because it was such a perfect description. I daresay that it applies to Maya, as well. She is forever fretting, although having black goo leaking from one's eyes entitles her to this character trait.

- Hey, Micah! I just saw you in LADY IN THE WATER. You were a preternaturally smart kid in that, too.

- D.L. is…dead? Seriously? For sure?

- Sylar awakens in a Corona commercial. And…HAH! A new form for Candace! Missy Peregrym is on REAPER now, but unfortunately her role there isn’t quite as interesting as Candace was even within her first 5 minutes of HEROES last year.

- Hiro would do many of us a huge favor if he would just stick an arrow a liiiiiiiiittle bit lower, say, in Kensei’s abs. This, in turn, would require Mr. David Anders to remove more of his shirt so we can see him…erm…healing.

- Alejandro may look like ass, but West embodies it.

- LOL for Kensei’s giddy expression after Hiro tells him he can survive anything. I love K’s mercenary rakishness. Such the bad, bad boy. I would delight in the opportunity to punish him.

- Do West’s powers include the extra special bonus of no one being able to see him flitting amongst the clouds in broad daylight? What was that?

- Masi Oka, you do longing so well.

- OMG, the Goo Twins do not interest me AT ALL.

- Peter’s chest squeezing out bullets! I did not need to see that, even though it was super cool.

- SPECULATION! (If you don’t want any, then continue to the next part….) It looks as if Kensei’s story has come to an end, but if you’ve been keeping up with news, you know that David Anders was hired as a regular after this season’s filming was well under way. (Of course I know that, people.) I think he wasn’t on the Comic-Con HEROES panel because, at the time, this first Kensei story was already wrapped. Then, after the writers realized what a great character and actor they had on their hands (and after they heard a massive roomful of women go squee when Anders ripped off that Kensei mask during the Con previews), they snapped him back up again. Therefore, I don't think it'll be too long before Anders returns. This is the only reason I am quite calm right now and hardly amping out about the apparent conclusion to Kensei’s story.

- Annnnnnnd here we remind the audience of the “who am I”/”what’s in the box” theme with the reveal of Candace’s true form. Candace, we hardly got to explore your neurotic need to shield the figure nature gave you. Besides, the second actress was doing a pretty good job of maintaining Missy Peregrym’s inflections and body language. Bummer.

- Nice reveal of Sylar’s location. I would normally hope that he’s totally screwed and will be major alligator bait, except we all know that Sylar always manages to slither out of every tough situation. He sucks.

- Okay, you all. You know who you are. Stop imagining that Peter’s smooching on you.

- How many of you were anticipating West’s “the man with the horned-rimmed glasses” during that build up? Question: if the perv’s been spying on Claire, wouldn’t he already have seen HRG around? So is West lying right now? Is he working for The Company and reeling Claire in?

- I will go into a depression if HRG dies. Yeah, I know the writers are messing with us, but the mere thought makes me a little panicky.

So. Some pretty good stuff tonight. BTW, does anyone else think that the creators have substituted the previews for last year’s killer cliffhangers?


Karmela said...

So many things made no sense to me in this ep. To wit:

Hiro and Kensei: Okay, I'm glad that Kensei's story isn't over yet, but IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE NOW! Hiro already knows about the dangers of fucking up the space-time continuum, and yet he still chooses to stay????? And he does it for(blech!) a girl??? And one destined for Kensei?

Eye Goo Twins: Can someone kill them already and put them out of their misery, please???

Mohinder/Molly/Parkman: yaaaawnnnn...

Clare: "He wore horn-rimmed glasses." God, I've always hated that nickname. THat the show now embraces it makes me puke. I also hate West. Why did they hire such a tall actor to play against an actress who is 5'1"? But here's the glaring, obvious thing they have not addressed yet: the fact that Clare is falling in love with a boy with the same power as her BioDad is ironic and cool. Remember when Clare found out that Nathan can fly? Her response: "You can fly? Cool."

Peter: After discovering that you can do all these things (heal, telekenises, lightning bolt, read people's minds) and that the answer to your BIG question (WHY can i do these things? WHAT am I?) lies inside a box six inches away from you and you decide not to open it MAKES NO FUCKING MCFUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER!!!!

Christ. This show is starting to suck. If it weren't for Sark, I'd stop watching.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL. You know, I think I might've looked away from TV when Hiro decided to stay in Japan. Maybe he has some grand plan? Dunno. Maybe it's just all for lurve, after all....

And true--there are weird undercurrents with the Claire/West/daddy flying thing. Fodder for the fanfic forums?

And Peter and the box are gonna test my patience, too, unless he pops that thing open right soon.

I have to say--Sark is my main motivation for being glued to the TV right now. But that's probably real clear, LOL.

Karmela said...

I completely forgot to write a comment re. your analysis of Big Shots: Agent Michael Vaughn.

Methinks the majority of women watching this show is watching for those exact three words. God, the first two episodes were terrible, weren't they? "I moistu-fucking-rize???" (said Duncan when the reporter commented, "You feel so good!") GAAAAG!

Okay, I'm so sorry to lace your blog with profanity. I'll try to keep it clean from now on.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Oh, the awfulness that is BIG SHOTS. I actually find myself wincing at certain points of that show but, lookit me--I'm still watching.


We're all passionate about him and HEROES, LOL.

Celise said...

I can't believe DL's dead, either. And hey, Nikki, I just saw you in RESIDENT EVIL: EVOLUTION. Yes,I could've done without the bullet up-chuck visual, but still, it was a chest shot. And he looks damn fine in a tank top.

BTW, I heard "Big Shots" (I think Vaughn needs to take Adam Baldwin's place on "Chuck") is on the Cancelled List. As is "Journeyman"

Oh, one last thing: in honor of Teen Read Week next week, I'll be posting interviews with the main characters from my novels. If you'd like to ask the girls a question, pop on over.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise--ahhhh, I hope they don't cancel BIG SHOTS before Rob Thomas comes on to run the show! The dialogue and characterization are going to be 100% better with VERONICA MARS guy on board. I guess I'll have to see....

Not surprised about JOURNEYMAN. Upon hearing this, I'm going to take it out of my DVR because why waste time on a mythology that's going to end up going nowhere?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Whoops, Celise, forgot to add that I've left a question about Draven Atreides on your site! (As I said there, love that name!)

Karmela said...

"Devan Atreides." A shout-out to "Dune."