Monday, October 01, 2007

HEROES, 10/1

Pretty fun stuff tonight, and much of it seemed to revolve around shirtless men and toe snipping.

Stream of consciousness notes:

- We open with Peter, shirtless and WET. Now this is the way to start a show, damn it!

- Oooo—Kensei nipplage. I’m way too excited about this little peek, and I'm afraid to analyze what that means about my psyche.

- Oh, God—the second I see the computer lizard getting a limb cut off, I know that this will be the episode in which Claire will cut off her toe. (Remember my Comic-Con report about the teaser footage?) By the way, West is still creeping me out.

- Quoth Alejandro to Maya after she worries that she’ll lose control again: “I won’t let that happen.” Um, does anyone recall him saying that during the last episode right before peoples’ eyes started dripping black goo?

- Mohinder speaking French = hu-humana humana. As if his regular accent wasn’t hot enough. (And I think I remember him speaking a little like a valley guy at the Comic-Con panel. It was weird to hear an un-accented Suresh. Weird and bummer-like.)

- Princess Leia alert! Lone chick goes samurai on a bunch of men. Fiesty.

- LOL for Hiro “Kensei” using his powers. And LOL for “Kensei” suggesting the name for the so-called battle.

- Nice moment between “Kensei” and the princess. Annnnnnd this will lead us to the tried-and-true Cyrano romantic plot in which the masquerading sad-sack hero will make the heroine fall for the undeserving faux-hero. Meh.

- Eeeeeeeeeeeek—freakin’ Maya with those eyes! Okay, she is officially creepier than West. At least until he shows up on screen again. Then it's an open race for the title.

- At this point, I’m like, “David Anders better be in this next segment.” Nope.

- Too bad Claire can’t grow back cars like she does limbs.

- Heh—Gramama Petrelli and Kaito got busy back in the day! Saucy.

- This serial killer confuses me. “He” had to skulk around in a hoodie and gracelessly mow Kaito down from a building last time. But now his assault on Gramama looks far more elaborate and hero-ish. Wonder why. Any theories? Will it even turn out to be the same killer in spite of the "clue"?

- WHERE’S ANDERS??????????????????????????????

- Finally.

- So the princess didn’t notice a height difference between “Kensei” and Kensei? She might be fiesty, but not that bright.

- We all knew Kensei wasn’t dead. He’s just Claire.

- Le Haitian! Welcome back.

- Uh, yeah—the toe snip in all its barfy glory. I think watching it grow back was even nastier than seeing it cut off. Even creepier though? West’s mug in the window.

Will we become familiar with Peter’s package next week? (Tee hee.) And Claire was looking pissed at HRG. Will West turn out to be a bad influence?


Karmela said...

My thoughts:

- That was the first time I've seen a woman experience an orgasm while fully-clothed and standing in the middle of the bar when the guy hasn't even touched her. I'm talking of course about the Oirish girl watching with mute shock as Peter dispatches 1,736 bad guys without blinking.

- Wet, hot Peter is going back into the Love Dungeon, to be joined of course by shirtless Sark in his wide, easy-to-slip-my-hand-in-there samurai pants.

- Parkman and Ando don't know each other? (*scratches head*) I could have sworn they met each other during the final showdown last episode. I guess not. But why didn't Parkman read Ando's mind? Then he could have discovered their connection.

- I was frowning at the Star Wars-turned-Back to the Future-turned Cyrano storyline as well UNTIL we saw that Sark was Claire. Whew! I was going to hate Tim Kring for giving me Sarky then snatching him away. Thank god for superhealing superpowers!

- Did you get an Alias flashback when Hiro held Sarky's face in the watery trough?

- "Battle of the Twelve Swords! That sounds good!" hehehehe

- Another flashback: Did you get an X-Files one vis-a-vis Maya's black eye boogers? I was yelling "it's the black alien blob! Call Mulder!" at my TV.

- Claire storyline: yaaaaawn

- Suresh storyline: yaaaaawn

- Parkman/Kaito/Mama Petrelli storyline: yaaaaawn

- LatinoHotSiblings storyline: yaaaawn

Will we become familiar with Peter’s package next week?


While I didn't find the episode objectionable, the show hasn't captured my imagination yet the way it did last season. When is the LOST season premiere?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

You said: That was the first time I've seen a woman experience an orgasm while fully-clothed and standing in the middle of the bar when the guy hasn't even touched her.
And I think many of us were right with her!

There was so much Grrrrr going on in this episode that I didn't focus on much else. But, heck, give me wet, bare chests and Anders all the time and I will never even see plot holes. (I think that's Kring's new strategy.)

Yeah, you know, I was actually wondering about Parkman and Ando, too, but I thought I was just missing something so I stayed mum, LOL. You've got a good point about Parkman reading the minds. Why isn't he doing that with EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW he conducts? (Clearly, this scene needed a bare chest to keep us from wondering.)

Honey, I am ALWAYS flashing back to ALIAS, even when I'm not watching Anders. It's a sad fact of life.

"Battle of the Twelve Swords"--see, the euphamism is just more evidence of Kring's wily strategy.

OMG, you're right about the X-FILES shout out!

I think Anders' presence has blocked me out to most of the show. Seriously. All the HEROES except Anders could be sitting around picking their noses and I'd still be into it--as long as there are strategic bare chests involved.

And LOST? I hear ya, Karm! February, baby!

Anonymous said...

Peter. Half-naked. Wet....

I'm sorry, what was the rest of the episode about?

BTW, Crys, you've been tagged, baby:

Play. Or not.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, Celise!
I see you are under the Kring spell, as well, LOL.

You know, I did that same tag game a few months ago and I really don't have anything new to post.... Forgive me! ;)