Monday, October 15, 2007

HEROES, 10/15

Some decent twists tonight yet, alas, no Kensei. Boo!

Anyway, here are those train-of-thought notes:

- Shoot—I was all stoked to see HRG bend back West’s fingers, but then Claire lied about not seeing a boy.

- When Nathan saw his kids at school, I thought that he must’ve taken a long, hard fall from grace if no one even acknowledges the political superstar he was (the teacher didn't seem to, but maybe she was totally focused on protecting the kids? Still, if a disgraced celebrity-type showed up at my school, I would've given him a "Whoa! I know you're a scumbag, but you're famous, too" look.) I suppose, in public, that's why he wears The Beard of Hiding.

- Yup, that’s Sylar pulling the oldest horror movie trick in the book by lying in the middle of a road. I can’t wait to hear how Mr. No Powers got off that island. It didn’t seem to take too long, either, if the Goo Twins and the stoner dude are still on their way to America.

- 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: feral vamps rock!

- Grammy Trekker is crusty and funny!

- Confession: West’s shirt looked too tight and that made me feel a little bit sorry for him. I know.

- The Beard—it is gone! Ooo-wah-ooo-wah.

- Shouldn’t the dumb Goo Twin’s oh-oh radar be screaming when Sylar gets all smarmy and “I know Dr. Suresh”? He sounds like a skeezy guy I would be stuck in a back seat with during a road trip—because that’s my life.

- Monica is spunky and cute so I don’t mind her having POV scenes. Still…Anders has been sacrificed for yet another dang storyline.

- I just… (sigh) How does no one know that West can fly when the fool does it during the day all the time? Maybe I missed something about him having a cloaking function. Did I?

- Oooo—Parkman’s dad is an oldie! Cool, and I love that he has such a goofy smile in the picture. Like father like son. Also, did I see Joanna Cassidy alongside him? That would be sweet.

- Relationship hint for Claire: if a guy tells you to jump from the Hollywood sign, either he’s got an unsettling sense of humor or your relationship is headed for some serious grossness. Maybe both. (Did the writers know that there was a notorious old suicide in that location? Just wondering.)

- Awwwwww. Micah tries to “fix” Monica. Super darling. And does her power have something to do with televised images?

- OMG—little Peter! (And I’m not being dirty.) He’s all dressed for a dance. It’s almost adorable enough to erase the following burned Nathan mirror image, which reminds me of Jessica/Niki, another absentee this week.

- I don’t like seeing Sylar’s chest hair.

- Question answered about Monica. Interesting power.

- Hmmm—first pretty good cliffhanger of the season. I do miss the greatness of last year’s though.

Finally, in the previews…KRISTIN BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things are about to get goooooood.

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