Monday, October 29, 2007

HEROES, 10/29

Tonight, in real life, there were no fires to keep the Heroes away. Generally, most of the outbreaks have been shut down or contained near San Diego, although there are still worrisome blazes in some areas. Let's just hope for some good rain. Also, thanks to everyone who checked in and contacted me to see if all was well--I really do appreciate it! No damage to my family or friends, thank goodness, but there are bunches of devastated people out there. Thank you again to all the people who fought those fires in every way possible.

Now, before we begin, I must also say that I'm really excited about CHUCK next week because Bryce will be on via flashbacks. Grrrrrr. Sorry, Chuck honey, but your ex-roommate is smokin' and I am but a weak, weak estrogen-addled female.


* Does anyone know who this Adam Monroe is? I shudder to speculate that he is yet another hero we'll invest too much time in. Maybe he's just connected to Peter, based on what he found later in the episode. Please?

* On the "Adam Monroe paper scene"'s heels? Russia. At first I think, "Gah! Now we've got a Russian hero to contend with. This is getting ridicu--" And then Bennet barges in being all threatening and mean-sexy. My attitude is much improved.

* Yaeko's painting. I'm going to confess here: I was spacing out, much as I usually do when Yaeko is on screen. Sad but true. But did it show that she was painting a picture that came true? If so--and judging from Kensei's sudden hero-power, too--what happened to hero development from 1671 on? Did they somehow get wiped out?
And if Yaeko's painting was just a painting, please ignore this.

* LOL for Claire and West's "lesson" to the Mean Girl. Yeah, it was harsh, but much deserved, IMHO. BTW, did anyone think that the high school set up recalled the steps from the "Homecoming" episode? Intentional?

* Aside from the hotness, David Anders really is funny. That look he gave the man who ran him through with the sword? Perfect.

* Yaeko cannot tell brown eyes from blue until now? Unobservant or too dumb to live? Your call.

Boy Wonder Refused to Alter Timeline for Charlie the Waitress but Conveniently Forgets Time/Space Continuum for Girl Who Knows Her Way Around a Sword

* HRG's trigger finger!!!!!!!!!!! Dude.

* I was hoping Elle-on-Wheels would be back this week, but no luck.

* Heh--Niki = Mohinder's new pardner. I am suddenly interested in both of them.

That's all I have to say this week. Pretty solid in moving us forward. And it had a decent cliffhanger. But is New York in trouble again? Surely there are other big cities that have incurred the wrath of eeeeee-vil....


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I didn't read your Heroes post because you know we're a few weeks behind here in Australia... but I'm loving it.

We just found out Matt's father could be the new scary guy. Can't wait to find out more about that.

Have a great day!

PS. Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

Nicole said...

I love your recap. I agree, HRG was sexy! I like him in bad ass mode. Claire is getting on my nerves. Every time I see West I keep thinking PLANT! I've heard Adam Moroe is actually Kensei, just a rumor. lol. To me Yaeko is like Caitlin a D.O.D. (Damsel in Distress) although perhaps the painting is a reference to Issac? I'm just reaching here. lol.

I didn't really think of "Homecoming" but could be. I loved the sword part with him looking down and then looking up. I KNOW! Helllo? Brown and blue sooo different. Maybe she secretly wants both men? Who knows but she doesn't really interest me. I wanted to smack Hiro. I now have to wonder how hard Hiro really did work to change Charlie's fate.

And helllooo possibly becoming your own great, great, great, great grandpa. Ewwwww. I missed Elle too, my friends don't get why I like Kristen Bell and am sooo excited about her being on the show. Oh, well. Anyway, I'm kinda digging powerless Sylar, he's gotten craftier and it's interesting to see him stir the pot with Maya and Alejandro. I'm curious about how he managed to lose his powers. There's still no explaintion as to how he got those powers in the first place. Hannibal style? *feeling not so good right now*

Good point, come on NYC can be skipped by evil, oooh, they can go international, how cool. I could use a fixin of some hot foreign Heroes *giggle* *Nicole starts to daydream about cutie Scottish Heroes in kilts*

Sorry. Great recap, I can't wait to see next week's episode.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y, you can always comment on the last one you saw! Since HEROES has such a mythology, the reminders would be great and would no doubt tie in to what is happening presently. Then again, if you don't want to chance seeing spoilers, we would totally understand!

And I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. It sounds like a great program though. Are you doing it?

Thanks, Nicole! Bad ass HRG is the best because I never know what to expect from him. And ha-ha-hawt, too.
Wouldn't it be great if Kensei is Adam? I'd go for some of that.
Good point about Hiro and Charlie. This episode didn't really do wonders for Hiro, did it?
I do agree about powerless Sylar. He is a sly thing--almost makes you want to root for him.
Lastly, Scottish Heroes? Oh, SUCH a great idea!!!

I'm looking forward to next week's epi, too, but even moreso two weeks from now (I think that'll be the Four Months Earlier one...).

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yep, I'm doing Nano again this year. This'll be my second time, so I'm looking forward to it.

The aim is to write 50k in a month, but I'm aiming for 60k! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing Heroes this week. There are so many questions. And I've just gotta know what's gonna happen with Peter. And am I the only one that finds Nathan Petrelli mildly alluring with his new, longer hair? Lol! :D

I also hope Claire isn't headed towards heartache...

Oh, and will someone just kill that bloody Sylar already???

Have a great day C!

Celise said...

I can't believe I read this w/out watching it first. I had the hubby record it so that I can get this damn book done. But I took a break to post some pics of my previous Halloween costumes. Check it out if you like. What are you going to be?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Oh, Y, yes--Nathan's longer hair is a hit. I like the ruffled look on him!

LOL, Celise, sometimes I can't resist seeing what everyone is talking about online with other shows, too. I don't do it with HEROES, but I'm always hopping on to see who got voted off DANCING WITH THE STARS and other reality shows. I can never wait!

As for Halloween, I'm going to be the spoilsport girl at the door handing out candy. :) I actually forgot it was Halloween today and it's one of my favorite holidays.