Thursday, October 04, 2007

New TV Season Report Card, Part One

It's that time again!

Yes, I have been sampling all the TV premieres in an attempt to weed out the programs that won't earn a season pass on my recording thingie. I have to say that, so far, there aren't any new shows that have really grabbed me like LOST did when it premiered a few years ago, or even when HEROES did last year, but there's still lots of potential.

So without further yappity-yap, here're some thoughts about the returning shows that have previously been on my schedule. I'll be posting new programs Saturday....

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM – HBO - Although there are still uncomfortable laughs every once in a while, I can’t help but think that some of the joy has been sucked from this show. Maybe it has to do with Larry David’s personal life, but the situations don’t seem as fresh. For a show that didn’t seem to follow a formula, things seem mired in one now.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – ABC – This show is “on notice” for me, meaning that I’m willing to drop it. But with Nathan Fillion and Dana Delany moving into the neighborhood, I’m interested again!

DEXTER – Showtime – It’s gory yet humorous, depraved yet somehow moralistic. Dexter, the serial killer who takes out his sociopathic urges on society’s deviants, is a complex character. I love him and the Miami setting—plus all the tense murder scenarios that twisted through season one. I’m optimistic season two will be just as good, with Dexter experiencing mental and external barriers in his quest to “take out the trash” around his community.

BROTHERS & SISTERS – ABC – I have grown to absolutely love this show. Maybe it’s the way the actors have come to fully embody the characters. Maybe it’s the clever, sharp writing. Who knows, but I never predicted that I would ever enjoy Calista Flockhart again—and I totally do.

PRISON BREAK – Fox – After the corny wigginess of season two, where every attempt was made to stretch the limits of reality, I didn’t know what to expect from season three. I’m happy to say that since Michael the Hottie has been incarcerated in a jail that is far worse than the place he first escaped, things are copasetic. Yeah, PRISON BREAK is still moronic most times, but it’s back to being a fun kind of moronic, thanks to some relatively tighter writing. It’s not back to season one form, but I’ll stick around to get me some more of Hottie’s blue steel.

DANCING WITH THE STARS – ABC – What’s there to say except that Albert got a raw deal and I’m rooting for Scary Spice all the way?

HEROES – NBC – If you all have been reading my horny blog entries late every Monday night, this needs no further explanation.

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL – CW – Like eating Dreyer’s Slow Churned ice cream, this show provides empty half-the-calories, but such yummy pleasure. Same as it ever was.

UGLY BETTY – ABC – Love! True, the opening episode’s heavy-handed Santos fake out wasn’t cool, but OMG did I miss Mark and Amanda.

MY NAME IS EARL – NBC – A one-hour supersized opening episode was a bad idea for a show that’s really funny during the thirty minutes it should be allotted. Even so, there are too many belly laughs every week for me to give this one up.

30 ROCK – NBC – The Seinfeld premiere is tonight, and I’m stoked. By the end of last season, this show got extremely harrylarious.

SMALLVILLE – CW – A promising start to the season, IMHO. Lana is still alive (Boo!), but Chloe is, too, and that’s good enough for me. Also, Supergirl should be a strong addition; it sounds as if they’re going to be using the latest DC backstory for her, and that spells trouble for Clark seeing as (SPOILER! Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know: Kara was dispatched from Krypton before it exploded in an effort to assassinate Kal-El wherever he ended up). Yee-hah!

GREY’S ANATOMY – ABC – My DVR didn’t record the opening episode, and I’m surprised to realize that I don’t really care. Unexpected but true.

THE OFFICE – NBC – Like MY NAME IS EARL, the one-hour opener was stretched out, hence diluting the funny. But I’m still their huckleberry.

CSI – CBS – I’d stopped watching this one until last season, when the Miniature Killer visited all that havoc on the team. I realized how good the writing was, so I’m back.

Tune in Saturday for those new programs!


Erica Orloff said...

I loved Earl last night. LOL!

Also love Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock--and Tracey Morgan. It's perfectly cast.

I'm loving Chuck this season, too.
And Reaper.


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Erica! Alec Baldwin is my candidate for funniest man on TV right now. You're right about that show being perfectly cast....

Erica Orloff said...

Oh . . . and Pushing Up Daisies? PERFECTION in cast and technicolor brilliance. I adore it.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Erica, I'm so happy you're here to pluck through this new season with me! I'm just about to post the new shows, and yes, you're absolutely right about PUSHING DAISIES. I feel weird saying this, but I was "delighted." :)

Celise said...


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Yay, Celise! I finally saw the second SMALLVILLE, and I'm really excited about this season now. I can tell it's gonna be gooooood.

Haven't seen last night's DEXTER yet....