Saturday, October 06, 2007

New TV Season Report Card, Part Two

Here are the new offerings....

TELL ME YOU LOVE ME – HBO - Yes, I am one of the pervs watching this “ooooo it’s got so much dirty sex” show but, strangely, I find the therapy sessions way more addictive than the “naughty” scenes. If you’re not familiar with the premise, the action follows couples who are experiencing trouble in their relationships, and their growth (or regression) is tracked through the way they’re relating through sex. It’s got an indie-movie feel, and the situations seem unsettlingly real at times.

CHUCK – NBC – This show has that extra “something” that’s going to keep me watching. I think it’s the charm of the nerdy leading man and maybe even the utter dorkiness of his best friend Morgan, who manages to crack me up even as he annoys me. And then there’s Adam Baldwin, who rocks all kinds of kick ass as a shady spy guy. But the clincher? When Chuck revealed a secret about LOST’s Oceanic Flight 815 in the second episode. Love!

JOURNEYMAN – NBC – We’re gonna see about this one. I’m slightly intrigued by the supposedly dead ex-girlfriend who’s also slipping through time with the hero, but as of right now, Dan’s time traveling purposes aren’t making a lot of sense in the bigger picture. However, Reed Diamond from HOMICIDE is in it, and I’ve missed him dearly.

REAPER – CW – Love the premise: on Sam’s 21st birthday, he discovers that his parents sold his soul to the devil and Satan himself has come to put Sam to work as a bounty hunter for souls that have escaped hell. This show is cute and has its moments of hilarity, but the extra “something” that CHUCK has is missing for me. I’m already a little worn out on the “Sam gets his weekly vessel and uses it to capture the freak of the week” pattern, but I'll stick with this because there's lots of potential.

PUSHING DAISIES – ABC – Wow. Okay, in my last blog entry, which I had written before seeing this on my DVR, I said there were no shows that blew me away this season. I was wrong. PUSHING DAISIES has everything: a fresh tone, a surprisingly edgy mystery, and colorful characters I want to know more about. I love the “death touch” rules and how they affect The Pie Maker and Chuck’s relationship, and Chi McBride’s practical PI lends some weight and balance to all the heavily advertised whimsy. Some of the romantic moments can approach overkill, but that’s okay by me; the over-the-top-ness absolutely fits the mood. This one’s a keeper.

KID NATION – CBS – I’m still not sure whether to like this or not. I enjoy seeing the feisty youngsters devoting so much energy and pride to their work, but every once in a while, when CBS suggests they kill a chicken, I’ll hate myself for watching.

PRIVATE PRACTICE – ABC – Didn’t really like the “backdoor” pilot during GREY’S ANATOMY last season. Didn’t like the first real episode at all. Lasted a half hour. I airlocked this one already.

BIONIC WOMAN – NBC – I basically enjoyed the pilot from Comic-Con, but we’ll see about this one, too. Again, like REAPER, I realized there’s “something” missing here for me. Heart? Soul?

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES – Fox – I’ve already blogged about this, and I’m still bummed out that the producers made this American production a freak show instead of a decent improvement story the audience can emotionally invest in. However, the last episode was better, so we’ll see.

DIRTY SEXY MONEY – ABC –I have to say that I kinda adore this show. I see all kinds of possibilities for the kooky Darling family, and Peter Krause? Miss him from SIX FEET UNDER and am happy to be in his comforting everyman presence again.

BIG SHOTS – ABC – Three words: Special Agent Vaughn. Thus, no matter how bad the premiere was, I’m watching. But there’s good news ahead: Rob Thomas of VERNONICA MARS genius will be coming on as show-runner. Sweet!

MAD MEN – AMC – This amazing show started during the summer. Beautiful cinematography, killer period setting, poignant storytelling with an edge, and it’s been renewed for a second season. Sometimes the suits do get it right.

MOONLIGHT – CBS – I don’t know, you all. I should love this show, yet I don’t. Attractive vampire hero? Check. Plucky mortal heroine for whom the hero pines? Check. Noirish setting and vibe? Check. So why am I not into it?

We'll see what falls away during the coming weeks. In the meantime, what are you all watching?


Erica Orloff said...

Again . . . we're in agreement. :-)

I like that Dirty,Sexy Mondey will now be paired up with pushing Daisies on Wednesdays since I love Peter Krause also, and the Donald Sutherland character is delightfully seductive in his corruptness.

And I couldn't even get through ten minutes of Moonlight. I WANTED to like it. But I can't. Bad acting, overused concept. Just nothing fresh about it. And when you compare it to Daisies or Chuck?

And your right about Reaper. They need to give it a little more human edge ot it, more magic to the character relationships . . . because otherwise it's just "put a bad guy in a box" each week.


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey! Why am I not surprised that we totally agree? You hit more points on the head. I haven't seen MOONLIGHT's ratings, but I wonder how long it'll be on with all the networks' itchy trigger fingers.


Celise said...

I feel the same way you do about "Reaper", "Bionic Woman" and "Moonlight". I was expecting more with BW and wondered why they still went with the MC being named Jaime Sommers, too. I can't tell if they're starting over or trying to do something else.

And I was thinking that "Moonlight" would be like "Angel." When it's actually like this other show on Lifetime called "Blood Ties." Except in that, the female is the PI and the vampire is a comic book writer/artist and helps her out with her cases.

"Reaper" I might end up tossing. I'm tired of the deom-of-the-week storyline, too. "Chuck" is awesome. Love it!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise, I hear tonight's CHUCK episode is even better than the first two.... We'll see, eh?

Yeah, you're right about using the Jamie Sommers name. I guess it's all about pre-sold brand recognition. I think my developing issue with this show might be in Michelle Ryan, the actress who plays Jamie. I'm not *getting* her.

Believe it or not, I haven't even checked out BLOOD TIES. I heard it's pretty good. I'd love to read the books.