Monday, November 19, 2007

HEROES, 11/19

I have to note this first—whoo for the return of epic cliffhangers!!!

But before I start with the watch-by-the-minute comments, I have to say something about the program that comes on just before HEROES. Are you all watching CHUCK, for heaven’s sake? Dude, has this program hit some kind of stride or what? I loved the show when it first started, but now I LOVE it. LOOOOOOOOOOVE. See, for those who don’t know, CHUCK’s probably got the sweetest, most heart-wrenching love-square going on TV. And now…Bryce? Holy schmoly. If you’re not watching, please start.

On to HEROES, which got a whole lot better starting tonight….

- I didn’t get to comment on last week’s episode, but I have to say that I began to really dislike Elle at that point. Don’t get me wrong—I loved Kristen Bell in VERONICA MARS, but I’m really, really trying to warm up to her character here. In the previous eppie, I found her to be utterly irritating and needy. And the fact that she seems so darned pleased with herself just grates.

- Guys, was there ever an explanation as to the reason no one ever sees West flying to school in daylight, etc? I’m being picky, but it’s bugging.

- Claire’s “sorry” was pretty cute…but I feel like she needs to spell the same sign out to her dad. (note from the Chris/Crystal who has traveled back in time to comment on this early observation: Ay, me, the foreshadowing. How it resonates at the end….)

- Cool shot with HRG’s glasses reflecting the computer image! There’s the way to get the old HEROES back to form—now just give me those cliffhangers again. (Another note: Wish fulfilled.)

- Blah. Can Elle keep her hands off any person who sports testosterone?

- Ooooo—HRG! I think he’s one of my faves because he’s predictable in his unpredictability. I actually thought he might shoot Mohinder. I think Mohinder thought so, too, since he most likely pee-peed in his britches right there.

- How many of you were thinking of the Emperor’s death in RETURN OF THE JEDI when skank was getting her own shock treatment? Wouldn’t it be evilly delicious if she turned all nasty-skinned and cackly afterward? The Palpatine makeover would be poetic justice for this sadistic little chit.

- Even though the reveal of Kaito’s killer wasn’t shocking, it was cool with all that freeze-motion. BTW, Sulu rocked that last scene.

- Power up there, Parkman! I can see how he might go to the dark side in the future. This ability to make Gramama Petrelli tremble in fright does wonders for his appeal. And, on that note, I am officially a weirdo for kinda digging him now.

- And now we get to THE PART. Imagine me sitting there with my mouth open as HRG gets plugged in the eye by freakin’ Mohinder of all people. As expected, I immediately curse Suresh’s weenie to rot off and I fervently hope for ten demented little monks to pop into the scene to pluck the hairs out from around his nipples while giggling madly. Then I go into denial. Surely this is a Mohinder/HRG set-up of some sort. Or surely someone will get a hold of Adam’s blood and bring HRG back to life because THIS CANNOT JUST HAVE HAPPENED.


YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! The man lives! And the cliffhangers that distinguished HEROES last year are resurrected, right along with HRG.

So, of course, just as it’s getting good, we’re in danger of running out of episodes this year. Figures. But at least we have a few more, and I’m actually excited now to see who’s behind this gross bullet-eyed HRG plan….


Nicole said...

I have no words, I lurve your recaps. LMAO! Mohinder's punishment, can't stop giggling. Is he tied to a chair while they do this? LMAO!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Nic!!! Hah--thank you! ;) I have to say that I did not even give Mohinder the benefit of a chair. Unless he's in on this death thing and he's become a mastermind of some sort, I offer him every bit of discomfort possible. Mwa-ha-ha.

Nicole said...

LOL. The problem with Mohinder, his biggest problem is that he is too moral. The world for him, in my opinion is black and white, no shades of gray, no exceptions. He's naive. And because of that, I think he's incapable of seeing the other side of the chasm, what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. For him, what HRG was doing was wrong and he is not receptive enough to realize that Bob is playing him. *sigh* Hopefully he'll get more insight.

I can't wait to see what they do with HRG. As for Elle, from what I've read with Watch with Kristen and from what Kristin Bell has said, we're supposed to hate or dispise Elle. But oddly enough, Elle reminds me of three of my fav anime characters so I understand her perspective, which makes me a bit more lenient on her than say Sylar, who is just fascinating to watch. lol. I think I may blog about Elle. LOL. Ooh, Heroe's spoiler alert!

Mohinder gets a power through a syringe. It goes by the name resurrection. (I wonder if this will give him the ability to finally recognize the shades of gray in the world, so to speak)

Two more heros will die one may stay dead another may not.

Sylar and Elle square off! She tries to save the day but it's at an unfortunate time for Mohinder and his new powers.

Maya and Sylar get it on! And then it's over before we know it.

I got the scoop from Watch With Kristin:

Sorry for any mispellings, coffee plus no spell check equals mistakes. LOL. Big Hugs!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thanks for the scoop! I think I might get the gross-outs when Sylar and Maya do it. Hey, do you think he might absorb her powers through sex, like an incubus? I mean, he sucked out the powers before in a different way, but maybe that would work, too?

And Sylar versus Elle.... Hmmm. I'm at a loss as to whom I'm rooting for. Probably Elle, because I have the feeling she's going to turn it around soon.

You're right about Mohinder, and at least that gives him a good character arc. In the meantime, if he shoots HRG again, I'm siccing the monks on his pretty butt.

Celise said...

Okay, the whole eye regeneration of HRG, I could've done without. That was kinda gross. But it'll be interesting to see what they do with him.

And I wish Mohinder had the power to see thru people's lies. I agree with Nic. The dude is too trustiing.

I like that Elle got a taste of her own medicine...and the fact that maybe her Dad isn't a nice guy after all.

I wanted to see Peter again. Shirtless.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Yes, Celise, more shirtless Peter, please! He didn't rock up that body for nothin'.