Monday, November 26, 2007

HEROES, 11/26

It’s been a long day, and maybe that made me closed-minded and cranky, but there were quite a few things that frustrated me about HEROES tonight….

Moment by moment:

* I do love me some Anders evil. IMHO, Sark was always at his best when he was straightforward baaaaaaad, and I’m quite enjoying Adam. (And this might be the only glowing thing I have to say about tonight. Bummer.)

* So it’s HRG’s paranoia versus Mohinder’s black/white belief system, huh? Which side are you on? I, myself, lay all my chips on HRG, mainly due to the fact that I just like him better.

* OK, total geek observation here, but Micah is carrying around a $600 comic book without a plastic cover and cardboard backing (or even a hard casing for an item of that value? Maybe they were talking about a different comic and not the one they were carrying around???)? Heck, I have books that are worth, like, 2 cents but they’re protected, just because it seems so very wrong to leave the wonderful pages to rot. Then Monica hits Micah with the comic. I know Micah said that he just likes to read the stories, but the geek within me shudders.

* Gross—Sylar and Maya on an idyllic picnic. Pardon me while I hork up dinner.

* Maya is definitely the new Mohinder. Seriously—did she not believe her own brother about Sylar’s murder record? Yeah, right, Wonderlich, your bro went through all the trouble of creating a mock newspaper with a headline specifically designed to falsely warn you away from Sylar. (I know she vacillates in the next instant, but, dang, that one moment really chapped my hide.)

* And, hate to say it, but Peter might be suffering from Mohinderitis, too. Why didn’t Peter go into Victoria Pratt’s mind to see if she was telling the truth about Adam? Wasn’t that slightly important?

* What the hell kind of alien hair experiment was hatched on Sylar’s chest?

* Ngggggg… Sylar just murdered poor Alejandro and now Maya is kissing all over the scum. Loathing Maya. Loooooaaaaathing. She betrayed her loyal brother, and that’s all I can compute right now. Do you think they’re setting her up as a true villain instead of a Hero who’ll eventually come to her senses? Because I cannot imagine rooting for this character in the future.

* Yay, Monica! She’s actually the only new character who’s working for me. I love her enthusiasm and true heart, but I just hope she’s smart about executing this right-the-wrongs plan of hers.

* And...maybe not so smart. Question: didn’t she previously watch martial arts videos? (Isn’t that how she kicked the butt of that first criminal?) Or is her see-it-do-it power only short term?

* Now I’m losing it: Peter is defending Adam against Hiro, who previously proved to be an ally??? Why wouldn’t he believe Hiro, especially on the tail of Victoria Pratt’s accusations?


On a positive note, CHUCK is still awesome, and Bryce is such a babe that it disturbs me to epic proportions. Love.

Until the next London report, see y’all!


Nicole said...

LMAO! Well, Sylar is playing Spock in the new Star Trek movie. LOL! Okay I totally agree, this episode was not doing it for me, you've made a lot of great points. Also, What the hell does Claire think she'll accomplish by showing the world what she can do? All they'll do is lock her up and experiment on her. Where did the brain cells go? I hope next week's episode is better than this. I do know this much, just read a spoiler that three characters may die and maybe only one may stick. A lot of fans I see are voting for Nikki to go. You can check out the poll here:

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Nic! It's too bad that Niki's storyline has never been handled with the same verve as Hiro, season one...or any of the other season one elements, really. This year, her plot has gone nowhere, and she seems to have already crashd into a wall. What a bummer, because I think her power is among the most interesting.
: (

Selena Illyria said...

:-). I know I found it fascinating about her and Jessica, unfortunately they didn't handle that very well. Adding Gina to the mix didn't help things along either. They really wasted a good storyline there. Sending You Big Hugs.They also never explained her damn tattoo! I just remembered that.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey C! Just wanted to drop in and say HI, since we're still behind on the HEROES eps. :/

And tonight's one is the last for this year, which doesn't make sense to me since it's still on in the U.S.

Have a great day!

Celise said...

I was feeling a bit betrayed myself. I think I just wanted to line up Maya, Mohinder and Peter and give them all one big slap.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Nic, I forgot about the tattoo....

Hey, Y, : ). I wonder why you're only getting one more episode. Strange.

Celise--a group get-in-line slap! I love it. They do deserve a reminder that they have brains, don't they?