Monday, November 05, 2007


Some of you already got your newsletters, but if you don't subscribe, here's the blog premiere of the book teaser for MIDNIGHT REIGN, book two in the Vampire Babylon series!!!

So we've got murder, mayhem, hot lovin' and, of course, vampires. Three months away, you all. I can't believe it.

Now, something really cool and good is going on my life right now--and it has to do with this series--but it's going to limit my computer time in the next week and a half. I'll be telling you what's going on after this cool/good thing ends, and believe me, I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about it.

In the meantime, though, it's going to keep me from posting about HEROES tonight and next week. BUMMER--because isn't next week "Four Months Earlier"? Gah. But what I'm about to experience is totally worth watching HEROES later with my lovely DVR. If anyone wants to comment on tonight's episode, please feel free! I might be able to check in tomorrow and make my own little comments.....


Celise said...

Short but sweet...

Matt - was able to save Molly--and everyone else at the center--by putting his Dad in the same place he kept Molly: in their old house. Very cool.

David Anders - is really Adam Monroe! The one who's been going around killing everyone in the picture.

Hiro - defeats White Beard's army by destroying the guns. Kensei promises that he's "going to suffer". He leaves Yaeko behind and returns to the present--in Ando's cubicle. Where he finds out that his father was murdered. By guess who?

West - finds out that HRG is Claire's Dad. Because he happens to come home while he's still there. Claire's Mom tells HRG about West and he goes postal. "Pack up, we're leaving." "Then you'll have to go without me," says Claire.

Peter - and Caitlin end up in NYC in the year 2008. They're taken to a facility where they're subjected to a decomtamination "hose-down". The Shanti virus gets out of control and kills 93% of the population. He meets up with his mother in the future and remembers her thru a series of flashbacks. and finds out that his brother died during the first outbreak of the virus.

Nathan - finds out that Peter is alive...and what Adam Monroe is all about.

Nikki - injects the virus into herself to keep Matt's Dad out of her head...and finds out that Mohinder's blood is no longer the cure.

Peter and Adam (a.k.a. Takezo Kensei) meet in Montreal in the present....minus Caitlin (who's been deported back to Ireland in the year 2008)

You seriously need to watch next week's episode because they're saying that all your questions are going to be answered. I don't know about the "4 months earlier" thing. I didn't get that impression, but you could be right. It's gettin' good. Hope I did a good job

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Wow, Celise, thank you so much! You're great. :)

I caught the episode here and there, and I'm so, so stoked to know that Anders is continuing his role in an eeeeevil capacity!!! He's so good when he's bad.

Is it mean to say that I'm super happy that Yaeko was left behind? Thank goodness Hiro is back in the present, too, even though he came home to crummy news.

Again, thanks Celise!!!

Karmela said...

Re. the trailer: WOW. Wow, wow, wow. COS has outdone themselves again! THe trailer is phenomenal. Totally kick-yoh-ass.

Re. The David Anders Show: Oh, that show is called something else? Ah, well, it didn't bore me as much as last week's show did, mostly because Greg Grunberg is finally ACH-TEENG! Wow! I bet he needed a nap after that scene with his dear old dad.

I'm so glad that Caitlin is gone. She annoyed the keerap about of me. I hate West. I hope Daddy Cheerleader shoots him with a 12-gauge shotgun mid-flight like a clay disc.

Shirtless Peter: Sigh....WET shirtless Peter...double sigh...did you all see that little muscular indentation on his hip? Just me?

Yaeko: girl needs some serious glasses and a kick upside the head for perferring Hiro to Kenzei/Adam.

K/A: He's in the present!!! Weeeee!!!!

Nikki: I'm so over her. Let's move on.

Mohinder: Will you die already???

Tobby: Love this guy. Best bad guy on TV right now.

Daddy Cheerleader: I love him again. I love him when he's bad. Love him when he's lying to his family.

Nathan: Oh, is he still there?

Carry on...

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Just a quick drop in:

Karm--BWAH-hah! You know, I'm actually glad about Caitlin, too. What is it with the females on this show? Do they annoy me because I don't want them to be with the hot guys???

And thank you for the teaser kudos!!!

Nicole said...

Trust me Crystal it's not just you. Hiro became stupid and now because of it all the Heroes will be hunted. I'm glad Caitlyn's gone, please let her stay gone, she didn't really serve a purpose. Drat, I really wanted West to be a plant now Claire is acting like a brat. Ugh. I can't wait to see next week's episode.

Nicole said...

I almost forgot. I LOVE the teaser trailer. I can't wait for this book to come out. *grin* Hugs.

Celise said...

I have to add that I saw this online today and wanted to share it with you. It's Tim Kring's apology to the fans of the show:,,20158840,00.html?iid=top25-20071111-%27%27Heroes%27%27+creator+to+fans%3A+I%27m+super+sorry

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi C! How are you?

I can't wait to hear more, I'm totally intrigued now. :D

*going off to watch trailer now*

Cellise said...

I took the liberty of posting Heroes comments on my blog. It felt weird not coming here to get my weekly dose. Feel free to check it out.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Awesome, Celise! I'll look at that soon. I'll be blogging Friday, so I'll see you all then....