Friday, November 16, 2007

Return of the Wanderer

Hi, all!

As you know, I've been away from the computer for a while, checking in here and there. First, thank you for your patience in waiting for me to come back--I was in a position where I had a very hard time finding a computer and then staying on it for an extended amount of time. Second, a HUGE thanks to Celise and Karm and Nicole and everyone who took on HEROES duty. I loved reading what you all had to say!

Now, what you've all been waiting for with bated breath. Where in tarnation was I?



I didn't tell you guys because I don't love to advertise when I'm away from home, know what I mean? But I crossed the ocean in order to do research for my next Vampire Babylon trilogy, and no, this does not mean I'm going to reveal any plot developments and how they pertain to Britain. : ) However, in future posts, I'll share a few pictures and hint about what's coming up for Limpet and Associates. And I will be back on HEROES patrol come Monday, even if the writers' strike is going to shorten the season for the time being. (Let's just all cross our fingers that the suits give those writers that 2/3 of a freakin' penny the scribes are asking for, among other very reasonable things. [Biased? Who me?])

Anyway, as for those upcoming London blogs, I'll be telling you how I spent my days. I wasn't there to party--it really was all work. Mostly. Except for a few pints of cider and some high tea. It'll be so much fun to play "seasoned traveller" and act like I know what I'm talking about as I offer my experiences. (For instance: did you know that staying just outside of central London can save you oodles of pounds and that the rooms are much roomier and comfortable? All the fun stuff is only a short train ride to Victoria Station away. Sure, my business hotel didn't have a computer in its business centre--go figure--but it had an actual hairdryer and several BBC channels. Awesome, and I'm not kidding around.) I can't wait to tell you all about one of my favorite activities, too: The Original London Walks, which you can preview here.

So until next time, I'm going to indulge this bothersome jet lag and then check in with you soon....


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey C! London? Wow.

Sounds like you had a great time. Research rocks. :)

I hope you rest up and have a terrific weekend.

Sheri WhiteFeather/Cherie Feather said...

Hi Chris! It's good to have you back. Can't wait until you start the London vamp book. You know how I love reading your work. Oh, and obviously I decided to start blogging a bit, too. Lol.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y, hope you're having a great weekend, too! I'm still tired. What a wimp.

Sheri!!! Folks, this is my outstanding critique partner and in upcoming months, you're going to be hearing me brag about her upcoming release from Avon HEAT. Seriously--this story she wrote just burns up the pages, but it's also very emotional. I can't wait until June!!! ;)

Nicole said...

London! Soo cool! I'm heading up there in Dec. :-D. You're Welcome and Big Hugs. :-D.