Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bookshelf: HIDE by Way of Gatwick

Before I talk about the latest book I've enjoyed, I want to share all the confirmed contest winners for November:

D'Andrea Galbreath
Janet Gould
Caitlin Hoy
Ron Miller
Kristine Peacock
Jennifer Tower
Tim Younger

They'll be receiving my backlist book packages, and, boy, are they going to have lots of reading to do!

Now, I love me some crime thrillers, and I've always really liked Lisa Gardner, to boot. So when I found myself short of something to read during my long wait at Gatwick Airport near London, I wandered into the W.H. Smith, strolled past the shelves creaking with copies of ATONEMENT (which is the big thing in London right now because of the movie release) and right toward the yummy books.

Not to say I wouldn't appreciate ATONEMENT, but during a 10 hour plane flight, I wasn't really in the mood.

When I saw the mass market version of HIDE, I grabbed it, only realizing too late that it was 7 pounds. This converts to over 14 American dollars, my friends. Ack! Still, I was already hooked, and by the time I got on the plane, I was halfway through this page turner.

It starts off with a young woman, Annabelle, who tells you in first person that she and her family have always been on the run. She never knew why. All she knew was that her father was obsessive about keeping her and her mom safe from...something. And in the next chapter, when we join Bobby Dodge (who is, I guess, a hero from a previous Gardner book) on a case, a connection is made. Bobby, a state cop, is summoned to an abandoned mental hospital near Boston because several bodies of young girls have been found in an underground shelter. One of the corpses is wearing a locket with Annabelle's name on it, and it isn't long until Annabelle comes out of her own hiding to tell the cops she isn't dead.

The story goes from there, negotiating twists and turns and several really effective red herrings. The only drawback for me was the solution, which seemed like one of those strange 18th century stage comedies where there are too many coincidences crashing together, plus a huge dose of deus ex machina. But even with that, I really enjoyed this story. Gardner is a master at sweeping you up into the creepy details.

And that is my kinda book!

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