Monday, December 03, 2007

Last HEROES of 2007

Pretty good stuff, but I’m not convinced Nathan is a goner. Now that the blood cure is possible, I almost feel like we’ve entered an ALIAS-type arena where no one ever dies…maybe not even Niki, either.

Anyway, here were my thoughts:

* Too bad Maya can’t focus her kill power on just one person in the room. I’m referring to your wishfully targeted ass, Sylar.

* A clean-shaven, brooding Nathan is a hot Nathan.

* Hints of serious, scary Hiro abound as he tries to talk some sense into eMo-Peter. I do miss Hiro’s former geekiness, even though I like Future Hiro, too, so can Ando perhaps take up the whole wonderboy mantle?

* I have to say that I like Elle a lot when she isn’t being all male-hangy. I kinda feel for her, and she does have some quality snark to offer.
In this scene, I love how HRG doesn’t fold under the threat of electric fingers. He’s the only one who genuinely gets through to Elle. And what about that proud little smile on HRG’s face after Bob notes that Claire is becoming difficult? I adore little touches like that.

* Peter and Adam strolling through that hall while casually dispatching anyone who stands in their way is a bit sexy, but I’m currently mad at Peter, hence, I resist the lure. And Caitlin is the woman Peter loves? Huh? Did I miss a convincing love story somewhere along the line?

* Oh, now Maya doesn’t believe Sylar. Cry me a goopy black river, lady.

* Please, Mohinder, have a plan to thwart Sylar up your sleeve as you take his blood! You have it in you, even under all those layers of Dumb!

* LOL for the Flying ex-senator and his psychic cargo! Parkman and Nathan have such great chemistry, as do Hiro and Nathan. As we leave this storyline, I beg the TV to hurry up and return back to it.

* Oh, now Maya cares about Alejandro. Wah and more wah.

* (I’ve deleted this particular moment-by-moment note because it just seems so fruitless when Maya "dies." I had scribbled a diatribe about what the twins ended up adding to this show, because isn’t Sylar just as wily and cockroachy as he was before he met up with M&A? Forget what these two didn’t add to the show, besides filler. What did they add to Sylar’s characterization?)

* Back to moment-by-moment: Noooooooooo!!!!! Leave Maya alone, please!

* Niki, you wonderful bombshell, even without your powers! I really like how she evidently learned something during her tenure as a Hero. But then… Sigh. As we discussed in previous comment sections of the blog, her being seemingly written off the show is a real shame since she had so much potential.

* To add insult to injury, we get Maya instead of Niki. Not a fair trade at all.

* And then…Nathan. I really don’t want him gone.

* Are we to assume that opening Pandora’s box includes opening a can of Gramama Petrelli whoop ass, too? Please say it will come to pass.

* After the bitterness of Nathan’s “death?” the last thing I needed to see was Sylar fiddling around with a spinach can. He can use the Force now to open up more brains. Been there, done that. He’s just not a scary Big Bad anymore, so this “finale” didn’t really end with such a bang for me. But it did have momentum for the next batch of episodes…

Whenever they’ll air.



Selena Illyria said...

I adore your recap! LOL. I know! She can turn it off and on like a facet but now she's got to control it. I still don't care about her enough to want her to stay.

I like Nathan clean shaven too, before I kept thinking, 'There's something growing on Nathan's face.' lol

Hiro still pisses me of, has he not heard of earthquakes or mud slides? I don't think we've seen the last of Adam. I guess one way or another Hiro will become Future Hiro, he's on his way.

Claire *sigh* I wonder where her brain cells are. I understand why but I don't get why she thinks they'll leave mom an Lyle alone. I guess not thinking clearly at times goes with the Petrelli blood line.

I liked the Peter/Adam scene too. Très Sexy. I think Peter still doesn't remember everything. Quick someone show him a pic of Simone, jog his memory, better yet, can we get her back, somehow?

LOL! Maya is just . . . there are no words that haven't already been said.

Nathan and Matt, I liked that scene. Very cute, poor Nathan.

I liked Nikki, sadly they wasted her storyline.

I just have one gripe the whole Nathan asking Matt to get people to believe him, very shady.

I like Elle and from what I've seen it's what I thought when I heard about her character from Kristen Bell and Watch With Kristin. I really will have to do that character analysis, see if I'm right. I feel bad that she's so eager to please 'daddy' despite what 'daddy' has done to her.

So now what? I do have to wonder, so many people wanted to expose the Company and tell everyone what was going on but they didn't stop to think of the consequences, they're doing it for the right reasons sure, but do they realize or even care that if people start believing them, we will be going into X-Men, Sentinel territory? Round up the 'heroes' tag them and monitor them.

So what, Matt becomes Professor X and Adam, Magneto with Sylar in the middle? I understand why Mama Petrelli, did what she did. She's acting for the greater good in her mind. Basically it's what Adam wants to do, the greater good and all, but they both have different ways of going about it. Lots of moral superiority going on.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Aw, thanks!

I hope we haven't seen the last of Adam. He's another character that has major potential that hasn't really been tapped. And were you also thinking of Sloan at the end of ALIAS as the camera revealed the eternal-bully buried alive thing?

Good point about Claire and Nathan's shady scene.....

And who ever thought we'd miss Simone? LOL.

I'm not sure what'll happen next either. I wonder if Victoria's unrevealed power had anything to do with her creating that virus. If so, did Peter absorb that? Does he have the power to "bring the virus back"?

Selena Illyria said...

OMG! I forgot about Sloan at the end of Alias. I don't feel bad for him, I do miss Jack though. Poor Jack, *sniff*.

To me that scene with Nathan getting Matt to use his powers during the press conference, practically screamed something his mother would do. *shudder*.

LOL, poor Simone, forgetten all because Peter got brain drained by the Hatian.

The Victoria unrevealed power and Peter thing would be interesting to see, but we'll have to wait and see what the writers do when they come back, whenever that is. *sigh*

A thought came to mind, we know Mama Petrelli is a liar, I have to wonder what Papa Petrelli's power is. I'm curious about him. We've seen that if one parent (and I'm assuming Matt's father was the only 'hero' in the marraige)has the gentic dispostion and they have a child with a 'normal' that the power the parent has can be passed down the child and they will have the same power (just had a really icky thought about West/Claire) and we've seen what happens when two 'heroe's have children.

So, exactly what power did Papa Petrelli? I'm assuming Mama Petrelli has the power of persuasion, given that scene with Heidi in the Four Months episode. Did I miss something?

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Cool recap, C!

You know, it really annoyed me that Australian TV decided to call a season finale 2 episodes before it was supposed to. But after having seen these 2 eps, I'm fuming. How can they cheat us like this?

Anyway, thanks to technology, the hubby and I are up to date with the US! Yay.

Oh yeah, I enjoyed Adam and Peter walking side by side in that corridor. Although Adam was supposed to be a mean man, I kinda took to him. Me likes his bad boy ways. But I can't stand Sylar. Can someone tell me why this jerk isn't dead yet?


Anyway, I love this show! Honestly, Heroes and Supernatural are the only two shows I MUST watch! Can't miss an episode.

Does anyone know if/when Heroes will come back next year? Maybe this'll be it for this second season? Anyone know?

Anyway, I'm very happy with how it all turned out. But I don't think Nathan's dead. I mean, he's still got Adam's blood running through his veins, doesn't he? :D

Oh, and I just thought of something. If Nikki's got that other virus in her, maybe it'll help her somehow. Who the hell knows? Looks like they mutated a bunch of viruses. Just a thought!

Have a great day! It's always fun chatting Heroes with you.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to everything you said, C. I've always liked Peter, but the flying bodies thing I thought was pretty sexy, too. For some reason, I was thinking it was Elle, and then I saw them strut around the corner. Yowza!

Looking forward to seeing what comes in 2008.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Nic, I'm wondering about Papa Petrelli's power, too. I wonder if that'll come into play in the next volume...?

Y! Good point about Nathan having Adam's blood in him. I'm convinced he's going to be back. Phew! And that's great that you get to be caught up. Whenever the show comes back (?), you can start right in with us. It's so great to have everyone here to discuss!!!

Celise! You know, I can absolutely see how you might've thought Elle was the one throwing people against walls. She would've been having the time of her life!

After the holidays, we'll see what the status of our shows is. Personally, I'm jonesing for LOST....

Karmela said...

Why did Nikki die??? Sure I've wished her death many times over in the past, but that was then and this is now, and now, Micah is reunited with his sane(ish) momma at last, and I don't want the boy to be an orphan!!!!!!

Plus do they have to off another chick? Why can't they off Parkman instead?