Monday, January 07, 2008

Soapbox Day

Warning: I'm getting on a soapbox today.

We're in January now, and the bucket of crap that's otherwise known as "reality TV replacements for scripted shows" is beginning its slow dump over our heads. I am not watching AMERICAN GLADIATORS. I am not watching THE FARMER WANTS A WIFE (or...whatever it's called). I am not going to support anything that is being thrown at us in the hopes that it will take the place of PUSHING DAISIES or CHUCK or BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

A pox on the suits. I want my scripted shows, and if I don't get to see more than 8 episodes of LOST this season, I am going to be in a very longlasting vile mood that will make this diatribe seem like chirping from a happy bird.

And, IMHO, it's not up to the writers to solve this. Their demands are reasonable, and if you want to watch this brief video, that point will be driven home. I mean, how can the studios maintain that "they're not sure" if the Internet/digital forms of shows will make much money and then say what they say in these clips?

Watch and wonder....


Karmela said...

Make space for me on your soapbox 'cause I'm climbing on! I hate the absence of my shows! Double pox and impotence to all the suits! (Cause we all know they're guys.) Heh.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Karm, plenty of room up here for you--welcome aboard! ;)

Celise said...

Then you'd better make room for me on that thing, too, because I'm about to say my twenty dollars and fifty cents.

I don't even understand why there should even BE a writer's strike. These people work their fingers to the bone, don't shower for days, and work under intense deadlines to give us FANTABULOUS shows like Heroes, Smallville, Supernatural, Chuck, etc. They wrote these shows. These shows wouldn't even be in existence because of writers.


They are worth their weight in gold.


A tv show is a tv show. They wrote it, so they should be paid no matter where it's shown.

I find it ironic--and totally freakin' hysterical--that we as writers have so much power. For all the naysayers out there who say you can't make a living at writing, be sure to tell that to the writers on strike. Can you imagine that conversation?

"You don't think I can write for a living? Mofo, you wouldn't HAVE a life if it weren't for me." Seriously. You know it's true. The whole U.S. is going thru withdrawal because our shows aren't on. I'm a writer who is totally supporting this strike, but DAY-AM. I am missing me some Winchester boys and a hottie named Peter Petrelli.

The next time I get frustrated with my writing, I'm going to remember this strike. I'm going to be remember once again why I became a writer. I'm going to remember that WE have the power and we will ALWAYS have the power.

Okay, I'm stepping down now. LOL

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Whoo--there it is! Celise, you just nailed everything. Amen.