Friday, January 04, 2008


So I only look at my good reviews, and here's one that's already come in!


Following Night Rising, the first book of the Vampire Babylon trilogy, this picks up the story a month after a no-holds barred battle against Hollywood vampires that left Dawn no closer to locating her missing father Frank and too many unanswered questions about her unseen employer, The Voice. Kiko, the gifted telepathic member of the team suffered a broken back in the attack and worse, finds the psychic abilities he has always relied upon have suddenly disappeared leaving him feeling like half a man. Thirty-one year old weapons expert and tech whiz Breisi was romantically entangled with Frank when he vanished and finds herself struggling to maintain any hope of finding him alive.

With the appearance of a suspected copycat killer vampire, the team is sent to investigate. Although there were several similarities with Lee Tomlinson, the “Vampire Killer” something just didn’t feel right about the murders. The more the team digs into Lee Tomlinson’s past and compare them to present events, the more things just don’t add up. The Voice is obsessed with ferreting out information about the vampire Underground, an ultra secret society coexisting with humans in the heart of Hollywood. Just as obsessed is the Master of the vampire Underground, bent on destroying The Voice before he can strike against the Underground. Dawn is an unwitting pawn in the midst of this high stakes battle that may well cost even more then her life.

An exciting, high tension horror thriller with enough unresolved trust and family issues to make it credible, a hint of romance for spice and a bit of black humor to lighten up the often dark tone, this is a nicely conceived modern vampire tale that will keep readers guessing. The conclusion is certain to leave fans anxiously awaiting the final installment.



Nicole said...

Awesome reveiw. I can't wait to read the book. Why can't February be here now. Grrrr. Sending Hugs.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thank you! I'm getting nervous about the release--I always do. I kind of want February to come, but then again, I am scart of it.