Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You guys might recall how I was all obsessed by "The Cloverfield Project"'s ad campaign last year. It was so sneaky and creepy, with that Statue of Liberty head flying into the street and the shuddering sound effects, that I was salivating to see it.

Then I found out that it's structured like BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, with hand-held cameras jerking about in "documentary" style. Damn, the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT made me so ill. So I told myself I'd have to skip CLOVERFIELD.

But, daggonit, I can't help myself. Barring an emergency, I'm going Friday, and I'll bring a barf bag if I have to. Those TV spots with just a peek of the monster are driving me up a wall. Last night I had a dream about it, too, and it kept me awake for half the night because the dream kept getting worse, and I know I'm gonna keep having dreams until I exorcise this thing from my mind.

So I'm writing my chapter for the day then scooting out the door to watch me some monster mayhem. Then I'll blog ASAP, just to express either my disappointment or my joy.

If I don't blog, it'll be because I'm in a gutter somewhere, unable to drive home because I'm heaving.

Anyone else going?


Celise said...

I'm thinking the hubby and I will see this tomorrow. Anxiously awaiting your review, though. I hate the whole hand held camera approach too.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise! Coming right up...
(And have fun this weekend!)