Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chinese Food and Oscar

Up to about three years ago, I used to get totally geeked for Oscar night. My family and I would sit oursevles in front of that TV hours before the actual ceremony, enthralled by the beautiful dresses and red carpet interviews. About a half hour before the first award, we'd carry out another part of our traditions by having Chinese food delivered, and we'd be sure to have the voting ballots I'd typed up all filled out and ready to go.

But something happened between there and here.

I lost interest. Sure, there's still Chinese food on Oscar night, but there are no ballots and not nearly as much excitement.

Is it the movies that have been nominated in recent times? Is it because, after researching and then writing about Hollywood in the Vampire Babylon books, the sheen was stripped from the entire scene for me?

Tonight I will watch the show, but I haven't even seen any of the nominated movies. I'd love to see JUNO, but as for the rest of them? DVD. And that's so sad because, in the past, I would've had all those movies watched on a big, beautiful cinema screen before this big night.

Is it just me or do you feel the same way about what's been happening with the movie scene in recent years...?

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