Monday, March 10, 2008

MIDNIGHT REIGN, meet Midnight Reign

I was recently contacted by a member of a band from Hollywood named Midnight Reign, and we're going to trade books/CDs. I'd seen that the group has a video on YouTube, but I hadn't checked it out until this morning.

I love that they use the violin and cello, and even though the sound quality of this video is really fuzzy, I'm really interested in hearing much more. I'm posting the YouTube video to share with you all--synergy in action!


Michele said...

Oh my gosh, how perfect is THAT? In Hollywood, no less! That's so cool. :-)

Take Care,


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Michele! I know--can you believe it? I can't wait to get their CD.

It was so great seeing you Saturday. Hope your writing and life in general are going really well. :)

JM said...

hey there, a better video is posted on Midnight Reign's official youtube channel:

We love the Book Crystal!