Wednesday, March 05, 2008

TV Time

TV time!

But first off, a big congratulations goes out to Eleanor Frank for winning the “Little Blood Sucker” Giclee print in last month’s contest. Enjoy, Eleanor!

Now, I just watched the “season finale” of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, and I’m dying to comment. Did this series get awesome or what??? There are some programs that just build and build (like CHUCK, and I can’t wait until fall for those new episodes. Gimme more now!). TERMINATOR is one of these programs. When I saw the pilot, I thought it was pretty good. Further episodes were still good. Then Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green…what?) came on and things picked up like you wouldn’t believe. First of all, Green’s time-traveling freedom fighter is mysterious and surprisingly hot. I mean, he’s Kyle Reese’s brother, so what do you expect? But…Brian Austin Green? He’s always been 90210 David—the equivalent to that “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” video. Remember the kid who wore those goofy bright shirts and thought he could rap? Well, now he’s in camouflage and he’s meaner ‘an a poked bear. And he had a shower scene. (Whoosh, went the old image of 90210 David…and hello, Derek.) I’m crossing my fingers that this series will be renewed come fall, because they introduced some sweet questions: why didn’t the nemesis terminator kill Agent Ellison? And what happened to Cameron, everyone’s favorite lil’ terminator?!

And that scene where Derek took John to the park? I won’t give anything away but…sob.

Speaking of sob-a-licious scenes, please tell me you all are watching LOST. If not, you missed one of the most poignant moments to ever hit TV when Penny and Desmond shared an emotional phone call. The episode itself was definitely in the LOST top five—and that’s saying something—but that phone call? Oh, man. And, generally, with every passing week of season four, I feel like we’re tearing toward a conclusion, and I love it. (Theory time: So was that polar bear from season one some kind of guardian for a “primitive” sacrifice-based culture on the island—a culture that time-traveled to other places in other dimensions? And is Ben their leader? I’m so wonderfully confused.)
Sure, I’m bummed that HEROES won’t be back until the fall, but damn, there’s some great stuff on the tube right now….


Celise said...

The hubby and I enjoyed Terminator, too. He doesn't think it's coming back though. He was reading up on it and couldn't find anything. I can't wait til Chuck and Heroes comes back. And Bones. I'm missing me some David Boreanaz.

So, I taped it last night but haven't had a chance to watch it. Did you check out the hottie in the new show New Amsterdam?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise! I'm gonna be so bummed out if TERMINATOR doesn't come back. I was really getting into it.

And, OMG, I sooooo taped NEW AMSTERDAM. I've been into that actor (However you say his name) since BLACK HAWK DOWN. He is astoundingly good looking. (slobber)