Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's On The Tube?

If you were to look at my DVR queue, you would never know that there was a writer's strike. Sure, I've got a backlog because I've been at the computer so much, but being away from some of my regular programs has allowed me to pick up a couple of others. Here's what I've been tuning into:


Is anyone else watching this? I happen to love it, not only because the leading guy is hot (and if I ever learn to spell his name, it'll be a miracle), but because I kinda love the flashbacks that parallel the modern story. They go well with a series about a man who is immortal and who is trying to lift the curse by finding his soulmate. It puts a new spin in the investigative-cop formula, and and hero is refreshingly sharp witted and charming. (And hot--did I mention this?) I'm especially amused when the cop always mentions his "past life" experiences, and people are all freaked out and going, "What do you mean you were in New York in the 1800s?" He always answers them very directly, never lying, but nonetheless sounding so preposterous that everybody thinks he's just this massive bullcrapper. Nice angle.


I adore this hilarious show. How can you not root for a former nerd girl who accepts a counseling job at her old high school so she can erase her old image? Too bad the "popular girl" who haunted her teen years is also a teacher there...and the wench is after the same cute teacher as our heroine. Go nerds!

As for oldies, I'm very much into AMERICAN IDOL. Jason Castro is my fave because he makes goofy faces, and that's good enough for me. Oh, and DANCING WITH THE STARS. I was a Yamaguchi fan years ago and I remain one now.

Also...LOST? Please get your butt back on the air with new episodes because you are killing me with your awesomeness.

Are you all into anything right now, or have you given up on the tube?


Signature Vintage said...

I have been catching a few episodes of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, but the ones I never miss are Medium and Ghost Hunters!!! Love your blog!

Celise said...

I'm diggin' New Amsterdam, too. And the hottie's name is Nikolaj. Russian, maybe? He has a very slight accent I've noticed.

And I would watch Miss Guided if I remembered when it was on. I never do well with 30-minute shows. Although I did catch the first two episodes. LOVED seeing Ashton Kutcher. Hilarious. "Hi, my name's Bo. With an X." I nearly fell out of my chair I was laffing so heard. And I loved the moments when they talked to the camera. It was like watching Malcolm in the Middle.

And, um, HEROES? Um, yeah, you can come on back ANY. FREAKIN'. TIME. NOW. I'm going through Peter Petrelli withdrawal. Seriously. The final episode was in, what, September or something? I'm dyin' here.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Well, I'm totally into Torchwood at the moment. I'm also stuck in the Aussie versions of The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance... :D

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Signature, welcome! So happy to see you here. I have never watched GHOST HUNTERS but it sounds like my cup of boo!

Hey, Celise! I think he's Danish. So very hot. He's got such charm, that man! And I'm with you on never knowing when MISS GUIDED is on. If it weren't for my DVR, I'd be even more clueless.

Y! I'm going to rent the first TORCHWOOD season. I've heard too many good things to resist it. :)

Michele said...

I swore I wasn't going to get sucked back into watching LOST this season after they killed off Charlie...But...they keep pulling me back in! LOL

We just returned from a trip to Oahu and happened on a few of the locations where they film the show, including the Others Camp with the cabins and the creepy playground looks just like the show. (I have 2 pix posted on my blog, if you're interested.) New episodes will air on April 24th, right? So they're not making us wait too long this time. :-)

I actually watched the first episode of New Amsterdam and LOVED it, but have missed every episode since! I need to catch up. That show is right up my alley.

And TORCHWOOD rocks!!! One of my favorites this year, by far.

Hope you're doing well!

Take Care,


Crystal Green's Blog said...

OMG, how fun! Was there some sort of LOST tour or are these places just randomly open for viewing? (Like I'm going to go any time soon, but I'm just curious, LOL.)

Welcome back. :)

Michele said...

They do have tours, but we weren't on one. We were actually looking for the sandy beach where they film a lot of the camp scenes and found that. Some parts you can get to because the public is allowed access, but other areas, like where it's all woody, are private no going there. But we were totally thrown a bonus when we drove a minute up the road and found the YMCA camp right off the street! So bizarre. We totally expected it to be hidden in a valley somewhere. LOL

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Michele, I would expect that stuff to be hidden, too.... Thanks so much for the info. I'm envious!!! ;)