Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Just excited because I'm on the home stretch of putting this latest book to bed. There's always such a feeling of relief that descends on me at this point. I'm still polishing, but the hardest work is done.

Do you all have any rituals when you finish? I have a tiny one that marks THE END. I have a white board where I put stickies that denote my project schedule, and whenever I put a book in the mail, I tear off that stickie and move the rest of them up. It just feels good. :)

Next project? Well, I'll be watching movies, movies, movies and reading, reading, reading while taking a bit of a break (although I'll have a couple of galleys to go over). Then I'll be writing my next Blaze, and I'm pretty excited about it. It takes place in Japan and I hope it'll go under the "Lust in Translation" miniseries flash. I've done the proposal, and the chapters were fun!

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