Thursday, April 17, 2008

Excited? Me?

What could I possibly be excited about next month...?


Celise said...

WHOOOO-HOOOOO! Girl, I'm tellin' you, May is going to be a blockbuster movie month. I have a feeling the hubby and I are going to be at the movie theater every freakin' weekend. I am so stoked about this movie coming, you don't even know.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is my fav out of the whole trilogy, so when when I saw previews for this one, I was practically bouncing out of my seat. And Shia is pretty hot property right now, too.

Crystal Green's Blog said...


RAIDERS is hands down my fave, too. Actually, it's one of my top ten favorite movies. After every time I watch it, I marvel at the structure, the wit, the details. It has one of the best movie endings I have ever seen. I believe it even transcends the limits of an "action-adventure" film. :)

It's awesome to see that CRYSTAL SKULL appears to be following in the footsteps of RAIDERS. Oh, and I just saw DISTURBIA. Finally. I don't know how Shia will fit into the whole Indy tapestry, but he's charming and fun to watch....