Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Filling the Well

I've got a little time between projects right now, so I'm doing what most writers do on their days off.

Filling that well.

You know what I mean--I'm watching lots of DVDs, reading all the books that have piled up at the side of my bed, taking some trips, and generally "getting out of the cave" so I can re-energize. Among my TV activities: I caught up on all my DVR programs (DANCING WITH THE STARS [I'm becoming a big Shannon and Derek fan], AMERICAN IDOL [Yay, Jason Castro! He won't win, but yay him!], NEW AMSTERDAM, ELI STONE, MISS GUIDED, etc.). I've been attacking my columns of comic books (BUFFY S/8, WITCHBLADE and COUNTDOWN are among them). And I've been reading books, books, books!

Ah, yes, reading!!! It's hard for me to do while working on a manuscript, because the old eyes get strained during the day while looking at the computer screen. But right now, I'm in the happy midst of TWILIGHT, which I've always meant to pick up, and THE RUINS. I'd meant to finish THE RUINS a long time ago, way before the movie came out, but, oh, well. I hear the flick is pretty good, but I'm pretty compelled by the book, I must say, even though the action is just getting started.... I'm also listening to the spiritual journey of EAT, PRAY, LOVE on my iPod, and I just passed the Italy part and am dredging my way through India. I'll blog when I finish the audio, but right now, let's just say I adored the scrumptious and decadent descriptions of Italy and am struggling to make it through all the comparatively unscrumptious stretches of yoga meditation. Clearly, I am shallow, but I'm okay with the realization. :)

And just to make you all laugh as hard as I did this morning, I'm posting this link to a STAR WARS rap video that a friend sent to me. It's got some beyond-PG-13 language, but it's a desk slapper. Click to go to


Celise said...

I wanted to catch Eli Stone so bad, but I missed the first episode..and then I got hooked on Liptick Jungle and ogling the hottie on that show. Is it good? The commercials for the season premiere looked hilarious? Every time they showed him singing "Faith" in the lobby, I kept thinking, "Oh, I need to watch that."

And I'm still lovin' me some John Amsterdam. I wish I could've been his son in that one episode where he read all those journals. What a story THAT would've made.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise! ELI STONE is great fun and, actually, last week's episode was a big tear jerker. They've already put a spin or two on the initial premise of Eli's visions, so it's nice to see that they've got a good sense of pacing. Maybe they'll run repeats during the summer...?

And I was really enjoying LIPSTICK JUNGLE, too. I don't really love 2out of the 3 main characters, but I think I'm a sucker for "women in New York" drama. Also, the hottie has some smokin' abs, and that's hard to resist. :)

I wonder how long it took to get through all those Amsterdam journals??? I, too, can't wait to see what he's experienced. I really enjoy the backstories and how they relate to John's present adventures....