Friday, May 30, 2008


I finally saw IRON MAN. Finally. And I'm kinda ticked at myself because I didn't do it sooner. Then again, since it's been out for a few weeks and other summer movies are crowding it, the theater was almost empty, and it was almost like a private screening, and that was awesome.

In short, I absolutely loved it. I'd heard all the kudos from everyone else, and I thought the movie couldn't be that good, was. Because of the spot on characterization, solid acting, delightful dialogue (and I can't believe I just said "delightful," but it is), I was utterly involved in every moment. I was invested in whether or not Tony Stark got hurt or failed, because he seemed so real that the possibility existed. The special effects were slick and very non-intrusive. And Robert Downey, Jr.? God, all I can say is welcome back. Truly.

Then there was LOST last night. Don't worry. I won't spoil anything because I know a lot of people don't watch programs until a few days after they're aired (That's usually me.). But...eeeeee! That last shot gave me goose bumps.

Next week, watch this blog for a couple of book giveaways--one for my friend Cherie Feather on this site and another one for my books that I'll be announcing on an urban fantasy site. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!


Stephanee said...

Haven't seen Iron Man yet, but I will soon. Saw Indy on Monday. It was really good except for the little kids talking and crying in the theater (I almost lost it a few times). LOST blew me away last night. It was great to see Penny & Des finally get together. Great love story don't you think? She never stopped searching for him. I thought you-know-who was in the casket last season, but changed my mind when they started talking about this "Jeremy" guy. Now I was right, but still don't know why he got off the island because he never wanted to leave it. Sometimes, I’m lost on LOST, even though I've watched every episode!

Celise said...

Told ya! Didn't I tell you Rob did a great job? His comedic timing was great. I especially liked the robot in his lab that kept wanting to hose him down. LOL. Oh, and when she walked in on him while his suit was being put on and she's all "What is this?" and he says "Oh, c'mon this isn't the worse thing you've caught me doing." I agree with you. Welcome back, Rob.

Have you seen trailers for his new movie TROPIC THUNDER? ROFL. OMG, I don't know if I can handle it. It's got Ben Stiller and Jack Black in it, so you know it's gonna be nuts.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hi, Stephanee! Oh, that Penny and Des love story...they got me. Right through the heart. I was *so* happy. (gulp) You're right--it is a great love story, my favorite in the series. Probably my favorite on TV right now! And you're not alone re: being lost on LOST, LOL. But I'm too enthralled to mind the confusion! ;)

Yes, Celise, you totally told me! Somehow, RDJ seems to be incredibly natural while firing off his lines in a hilarious manner. The running jokes, including his cute interaction with that robot, were part of what made that movie so great. I mean, that joke in and of itself could've been a cheesy disaster, but nope.
I looooooved that scene where Pepper caught Tony in his suit. It still cracks me up and makes me want to hug myself in complete adoration of how he said that line! (Yeah, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean.)

Anyone going to see SEX AND THE CITY? I heard it was 2 1/2 hours long. Loved the series, but this news gives me the hives.

Alan Smithee said...

Robert Downey Jr. is a lot of fun to watch in anything.

Anonymous said...

great cheree has great books.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Alan Smithee, I love your name! Heh.

KH, yes! Even if Cherie Feather/Sheree Whitefeather wasn't my critique partner, I'd love her work anyway. Her upcoming ART OF DESIRE from the Heat line is getting really great reviews, and I think you guys are going to agree!

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to see Iron Man yet, but will be soon. both my boys have seen it and they tell me it is great! I have the old ones on tape, and the comic books so this will be a new addition when it comes out.