Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Am I--Twelve?

You'd think that by my age (a million years old) that things like blemishes and braces would be history. Right?

So not right.

Late last year, I suddenly got this freeway between my teeth. Seriously--this gap just kind of showed up in a matter of a week. I went to the dentist and, at first, he was concerned that it might be something "pathological." That didn't sound good, so he took x-rays. Luckily, he came to the conclusion that my skull isn't blasting apart or anything, yet he did recommend exploring ways to mind my new gap, including a trip to the orthodontist for an assessment.

Long story short--I'm getting a thing called "Invisiline." I guess it's some kind of retainer system. So at RWA National, I'll see you while decked out in my pink backpack, lip gloss, and retainer!



Celise said...

LOL. I've heard of that. And I wish they'd been invented when I was done wearing braces. I hated wearing my frickin' retainer, which is why I still have a little gap between my teeth, too. I think it would've made me a little less self-conscious if no one knew I was wearing a retainer.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Yeah, they say this Invisiline is fairly non-intrusive (relatively, I guess). Still, I wonder if I'm going to talk differently when it's in....