Friday, June 20, 2008

Alphabet Erotica

Strange title, eh? But here's the deal: I was in a Barnes & Noble when I saw these gorgeous books lined up on the shelves. They featured sleek white covers with vintage painting-versions of old sassy Bettie Page-type photos, and each book had a title containing a letter from the alphabet. I picked up A IS FOR AMOUR, totally drawn in by the packaging and thinking I'd read in order.

These books are actually erotica anthologies compiled by Alison Tyler. What a smart concept. And the stories are naughty, yet not toally overboard. In fact, Anais Nin writes about more taboo stuff and leaves you feeling much deh-tier.

Check them out for a lazy-weekend read!


Celise said...

I SO will. Thanks for the suggestion.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Awesome! If you're a collector, too, Celise, your hands will be itching to pick up more than one of these installments. They're that lovely.