Thursday, June 12, 2008

Want To Watch Something SuperCute?

I know--I'm so behind the times.

I have only joined the cult of WONDERFALLS.

Took me long enough, huh? But I kept hearing about the awesomeness of this series, whose life was cut so tragically short by the trigger-fingers at Fox.

But, hey, you lucky bunch--you can see all 13 episodes on DVD!

Basically, we've got a twentysomething Ivy-League school graduate who can't bring herself to get a real job so she works at a souvenir store in Niagara Falls. Jae (I think that's how she spells her name.) is shiftless. She loves to mock. In fact, she is kind of mean to everyone, but in a funny, maddeningly grow-on-you sorta way. And in at least one of the thirteen precious episodes, her whole Gen-Y attitude is skewered, so the series in itself is devastatingly and hilariously self-aware.

Oh, and I should mention that the premise centers around the fact that those souvenir stuffed animals and collectibles in the shop talk to Jae. But get this--there's actually a real sweet love story (or two) brewing under all the quirkiness and froth.

Also, Bryan Fuller was behind the show. You know--the guy who made the first season of HEROES lovable? The guy who brings the same adorability to PUSHING DAISIES? (You'll even recognize Lee Pace, the Pie Maker, in this show. I've got a thing for him.)

I'm actually in a bit of withdrawal right now, knowing I won't get any more episodes. However, I found this little video on YouTube (where else?), and it'll show you excerpts and establish the darling yet edgy tone of this cult show.

I love this song. I even watched the credits just to hear it every time.


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