Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Comic-Con, Day 1

Preview Night, and I'm already exhausted, LOL.

You all should've seen the lines to get badges at Comic-Con, San Diego. Or, rather, you should've seen the lines for everyone who wasn't a "professional," mwa-ha-ha. Amazingly, I got my badge in about 10 minutes while my friend had to wait at least a half hour.

For the first time on a Wednesday, there was programming, and instead of hitting the out-of-control exhibition hall floor, I went to see the pilot for FRINGE. You've probably seen the previews--it's the fall show on Fox about an FBI agent who investigates some gross, weird deaths on a plane and they take her into "fringe science" territory. If you think this sounds a bit X-FILES-ish, you're right. I was definitely getting that morbid, woo-ee-oo vibe, but there are a couple of pretty promising characters that might end up driving this series if they're developed. First, there's this mad scientist guy who helps the FBI agent, almost like Hannibal Lecter meets Dr. Frankenstein. He's got the best lines, but he also has an estranged son, played by Joshua Jackson. They have some really good exchanges. In fact, I really hope Jackson takes the lead on this series because he provided some real spark. Actually, I think the by-play between him and his father was the best part of the pilot.

So...tomorrow. If you're going to the Con, I have a signing at 12pm at the Mysterious Galaxy/Penguin booth. Ace is giving away free promotional copies of my books, but there's only a limited number. If you're interested (and I hope you are!), come at noon before they run out, okay?

Hope to see you....

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