Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic Con, Day 2

In years past, Thursdays would yield some pretty cool stuff: panels about new D-horror movies, fan groups (like, and dishy small fan-driven magazine schmooze-fests. But the big production companies have taken over, and this means that to see a panel now, a fangirl must invest time in lines, resulting in fewer activities and more down time.

I'd intended to go to the TWILIGHT presentation, but no dice. (Still, I'll get back to TWILIGHT in a bit, as my friend *did* make it inside.) Nope--I cruised the exhibit floor in the morning, buying way too much merchandise, although I'll be giving some of it away in my contests in the coming months. And I lucked out by running into the fabulous Nancy Holder (!) We chatted until it was time for us both to do signings--her at the Firefly Browncoat booth and I at the Mysterious Galaxy/Penguin booth.

It took maybe 15 minutes to give away and sign all the NIGHT RISING books that Ace had supplied, so yay! Then I hung out and sold a few more books while meeting new readers as well as Penguin editors, MG employees, and other authors: Ann Aguirre and Vicki Pettersson, among the cool collection. It was like being in a lounge where everyone is chatting and generally just having a great time. A definite highlight so far.

Then I missed the TWILIGHT presentation. However, my friend, who hasn't read any of the Stephanie Meyers books, reported that they showed a movie clip in which "some vampires" are fighting over Bella and the vamps don't get burned in the sun. (My friend is starting the book tomorrow, so she'll no doubt have more to say later.) She also said that it was like Teen-palooza in there. See, the lead is the guy who played Cedric in the Harry Potter movies, and after TWILIGHT, this boy is going to be a huge star. The girls were going ape, and some wee fan even asked him the "boxers versus briefs" question. He's arrived, all right.

In the meantime, I ended up in the RED SONJA panel. I don't know where I've been, but I had no clue that Robert Rodriguez was remaking the flick with Rose McGowan. They haven't started filming, but they had some vivid artwork with Sonja's hair flaming and her tongue licking blood from a sword. (Seriously--tongue...on...sword.) I have to say that I totally trust Rodriguez though--the man has some mad vision, and I do think he can make a real kick-ass version of a movie that wasn't very successful in its first incarnation.

I'd wanted to go to the TRU BLOOD and DEXTER panels, but my packages were many and I was too lazy to get them in the bag check. Besides, there was some expensive stuff in there, and I was paranoid. So off I went on the trolley to go to homebase and gear up for an entire day of big studio offerings tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to see the panels for WATCHMEN and THE WOLFMAN, then hear Kevin Smith run his awesome mouth for a couple of hours....


Celise said...

THE CAST OF DEXTER WAS THERE!!! BLOODY HELL!!! That's of our fav shows. The only pay channels we had (before switching to Dish Network) was Showtime and HBO: For Dexter, Entourage and then later on, The Tudors.

I would've enjoyed that panel. The guy who plays Dexter is hot!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I'm kicking myself for missing it! I love that show, too. And I agree that Michael C. Hall is hot. I love his torso. Dude is rocked. :)