Friday, July 04, 2008

Comic-Con Fireworks!

I'm gearing up for the Con, just as I do at this time every year. To celebrate this, I've posted a tidbit from Kevin Smith's blog. He kindly provided this video from last year's presentation, which I was unable to attend, much to my bummerment.

I'm posting it for a few reasons:

1. It's the 4th of July, and time for fireworks.

2. Kevin Smith is a hilarious, dirty-mouthed god when it comes to putting a heckler in his place, and you must witness his mastery.

3. This video shows you one thing to expect at Comic-Con: hardgore geeks aren't afraid to express their fanboy/fangirl opinions, even if it means confronting the work's creator in front of thousands of people.

4. Karma rules.

WARNING: If you don't like cussing or sexually frank talk, please don't watch this. Same goes for anyone whose mom and dad would not be happy if they walked into the room and heard Kevin Smith going off.

Happy Fourth!


Caffey said...

Hi Chris! As I can't hear, I won't be able to understand it, but I shall check out his blog.

Comic-Con, is that for those who draw and write comics? It include Magna too (My son reads those). I always wondered about it. I heard of some paranormal/fantasy/SF con's recently too. I never been to one, but looking forward to hearing about the con when you get back! Happy 4th to you too.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, C! Kevin Smith has quite a bit to write...and in a very colorful his blog will be enlightening. :)

Comic-Con started out as a comic convention where fans could go to celebrate their collections and gather with other "geeks." Over the years, movie studios caught on that this was a great place to start marketing upcoming movies--same with book publishers and everyone else under the sun. Now it's a madhouse! It does include manga, too. Lots of it, so your son would be in heaven!