Monday, July 21, 2008

Comic-Con Slouches Closer....

The Comic Con schedule has finally been posted over at I'm a little anxious and hyperventilate-y just looking at it. And even though I'll probably be standing in daggone lines most of the time, I'm still excited.

I'm also ready to toss my cookies, though, because I'm on that panel Saturday (1:30 with a signing afterward). I wasn't able to confirm who was on the panel in my last newsletter, but here you go:

* Joe Hill, a Guest of Honor (Besides being an award-winning horror author [HEART-SHAPED BOX], "Joe" is the son of Stephen King. I know.)

* Max Brooks, Guest of Honor (Besides writing WORLD WAR Z, A ZOMBIE GUIDE TO SURVIVAL, and having Brad Pitt's production company develop his work, Max is accomplished in TV writing, too. Oh, and he's also the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. Yeah.)

* Adrienne Barbeau (I think she doesn't need much of an intro, but channel MAUDE and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK if need be. Like me, she wrote a Hollywood vampire book, and it was just released. I think I will bond with Ms. Barbeau.)

* Joe Mariotte (A prolific tie-in sci-fi/fantasy author, among other accomplishments.)

* Natasha Rhodes (DANTE'S GIRL, an urban fantasy. I can see some bonding here, too.)

Do you see the reason I'm nervous???

As I do every year, I'm going to try my best to post nightly updates about what I hear and see at the Con. Cross your fingers that I get into the HEROES and LOST panels on Saturday. I'll be missing the TERMINATOR: SALVATION panel (sob), but my buds will hopefully be there to give me scoop. (And if Christian Bale appears on it, I'm going to be mighty bummed. But so goes life.)


Celise said...

That's the one thing I remember about this thing when I went a few years ago: all the panels I wanted to go to and not having enough time to go. I went the year Keanu Reeves was promoting Constantine. Don't remember what year that was, but it was the first time I'd gone.

Other than the panels you mentioned, I wouldn't mind seeing:

Kyle XY
Terminator: SC Chronicles
Dollhouse (w/ Joss Whedon)
Death Race/Mummy (I would SO love to see Jason Statham...if he was going to be there, that is)
UnderworldL Rise of the Lycans (even though Kate Beckinsale or Scott Speedman isn't going to be in this one)

Good luck with your panel and if you do get a chance to see the Heroes panel, give details. Have fun!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise, I was at the Constantine panel, too, and I recall Keanu looking very worse for the wear for some reason. Those were the days when you could still hop from one panel to another without appalling lines!

I would love to see a great many workshops on your list. I think I'm going to make it to CHUCK, at least, and I'm going to be optimistic about HEROES, so stay tuned for any scoop!

Michele said...

WOW! You are in some awesome company there. But no reason for you to be nervous. I've seen you give a workshop and you're so relaxed up in front of an audience. :-)

You're going to do great!!

I so wish I could go to Comic-Con...One of my reasons would be to find out what Joss Whedon has planned for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! I LOVED that. Sigh.

Have fun! (I sure do have a lot of exclamation points, don't I?)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Michele, thank you! That's so nice of you to say--and if I appeared calm in my workshop, it was a total facade, LOL.

I'd love to see a Whedon workshop, too. Last year he seemed exhausted, and I'm hoping things have gotten better.

BTW, all exclamation points are welcome here(!)