Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DARK KNIGHT versus MAMMA MIA--Whatcha Gonna Do?

Big face off this weekend, and we all must make the choice as to which flick we want to see first:

THE DARK KNIGHT, which is said to be indeed quite dark and promises to be pretty depressing, even though Heath Ledger is supposed to knock the Joker out of the park?

Or MAMMA MIA, whose ads are filled with lightness and singing and a beautiful ocean stretching out into forever?

This could be some sort of Litmus test to see just what kind of person you are (or maybe even what mood dominates at this point). Do you gravitate toward the heavy stuff (and make no mistake--even though TDK is a "superhero" movie, it's supposed to have some major gravitas)? Or would you rather skip that to watch a silly (but highly effective) musical romp?

You've got three guesses as to where I'll be, and if all goes well, I should be seeing THE DARK KNIGHT...and in IMAX even!!!

How about you...?


Celise said...

My BF and I are going to see MAMMA MIA tomorrow night after work. Then the hubby and I will go see THE DARK KNIGHT on Sunday with friends. Although by that time, it might be his second time seeing it. His boss is taking the office to see it tomorrow afternoon. Supposedly. If she can get tickets.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Celise, MM is a perfect BF movie! I'm going to *try* to write my impressions about TDK tomorrow after I have lunch with my friend, who's going with me. Of course, we're both geeks, so it could be a long lunch, LOL.

Have fun!