Friday, July 18, 2008


Some SPOILERS follow….

Saw THE DARK KNIGHT today and wow.



There are just so many great things to say about this movie that it would take me hours to write an entry that’s worthy of the film. Besides, you can find about a hundred thousand and fifty-seven real reviews on the Net, so I’m just going to post a few impressions.

1. Every gushing review about this movie is true.

2. Every note of praise for Heath Ledger is no exaggeration. He really is that damned good. In fact, the first time you see him on screen, his face isn’t visible, but from the way he’s standing, you already know how twisted this guy is. We don’t get much back story about his character, and what background we do get from him is highly suspect. The writers made a spot-on decision to allow the Boogieman in the closet to stay menacing by refusing to shed too much illumination on him. All we really know is that The Joker is one of those scary-ass people who has no other motivation in life but to destroy, and that’s enough. Ledger does the rest.

3. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent is every bit as masterful. I fell a little in love with his character, and I’m betting most of you will, too. Then… Jeez, what happens by the end of the film will tear your heart out.

4. The music is amazing. It’s heroic, but there’s also some very odd—yet incredibly appropriate—themes that just plain got to me on a gut level. One piece makes good use of what almost sounds like a metallic buzz—like synthesized nails are scratching down a blackboard. It's non-intrusive, working on almost a subliminal level to underline the decay that is Gotham City.

5. I love how the good guys had a real integrity (Thanks for my friend Tony for bringing this up in our post-movie discussion): everyone from Batman and his code to Lucius Fox and his principals. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I felt a real connection to and respect for the characters.

6. At the end of the film, I realized that I’d been tensed up most of the time. My shoulders are still sore from cringing. The action doesn't let up for long--it's a series of battering punches.

7. Even with all the intellectual things going on, the flick has some real crowd-pleasing moments. The payoffs really work because the stakes are so high.

8. When characters are placed in jeopardy, it’s for real. You’ll no doubt find yourself worrying about them because no punches are pulled (except for one, but my god, the payoff for it is awesome).

9. You can tell that a lot of thought and passion went into this movie. It’s not color-by-numbers. And for a film that has such ideas and themes, it’s well-balanced: funny in spots, with genuine character “moments” and enough scares and dread to fill a horror movie. As much as I liked SUPERMAN RETURNS, it was missing what THE DARK KNIGHT includes: major heart.

I’m still thinking about the film, and I’m sure it’ll stay with me for at least a few days, if not longer. It’s been eons since I’ve wanted to go back to the theater to watch a movie another time, but here I am, planning to go again.

Love, love, LOVED it.


Anonymous said...

I loved this movie, too. I blogged about it today, too, because I was in the theater all weekend.I hope Heath really does get an Oscar nod for this piece. He's always been a great actor. The kind of actor who doesn't regret what he's done. I never saw Brokeback Mountain, but I'm sure I've seen all the other stuff he's been in and it seems he's never made a bad choice. He will be greatly missed.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Celise, I'll be at your blog today. :) It's funny, because it almost seems like "the thing to do" by praising Heath Ledger's performance. But it really is *that* awesome. Favorite shudder-inducing part? When he yells, "LOOK AT ME" on that video tape. Ahhhhhh!

Walking out of the theater, it was a sad moment, realizing that this was his last hurrah (unless his Gilliam movie performance is somehow salvaged).