Sunday, July 27, 2008

HEROES: I Saw the 3rd Season Premiere Episode!

So, yeah. The first episode of season three.

Did I mention that I saw it?

Eh-ehrm. Well, I did, and if you kept up with my HEROES blogs from last season (and the comments from other loyal viewers), you know that, in general, there was a sense of disappointment. HEROES had lost its way, with too many new characters interfering with stories and characters arcs that cried out to be resolved. HEROES was sending its heroes on irrelevant journeys that didn’t seem to add much to the series mythology at large, and it was frustrating to see such potential falling apart at the seams.

Well, you all—I’m here to tell you that the show has gotten back that spark we once loved: the fun, the humor, the characters we first adored...and there are quite a few big questions answered in this first 43 minutes. Everyone who lost faith during season 2 (like me) will find it again in spades on September 22, when season 3 premieres in the states.

Meanwhile, I was trying to think of a way to get you guys excited about it without giving away the farm. So what I’m going to do is pose leading questions (in bold) that don’t give anything away while providing spoiler-hint answers that hopefully just whet your appetites without ruining much. Hopefully. Maybe you don’t want to read the answers (which are in italics—sorry, I have no idea how to use invisotext), and I wouldn’t blame you, because going into the season as a “pure” viewer is great fun.

But if you want to be teased, by all means, continue….


Then let’s go.

This season is called “Villains.” Does it indeed start with the “dark side” of our heroes?

Let me just say that things start four years in the future and, as you might’ve seen online in some pictures, two of our heroes are wearing dark clothing and looking mighty mean. Peter has his scar. Claire has a gun, and she’s aiming it at Peter. The dialogue indicates that there’s going to be some time travel involved because Peter wants to go back to a time before “they all found out.” Claire looks ready to pull the trigger, then…

Heh, you’ll have to watch or go to another online place that spills the rest. Just know that the title of this episode is “Chapter 1, The Second Coming,” and the title is extremely meaningful.

Will this “Villains” premise mean that past mythology and character questions about our original heroes will be going unanswered for a long time?

No, thank god. The concept is going to work really well since time travel is involved. It even leaves us with more questions to answer, but these will tie in with the questions we already have.

Do we find out who shot Nathan, which happened in the final part of the season 2 finale?

Right away. And it’s not an exasperating throwaway moment designed just for ratings, either. It leads to “the shape of things to come.”

What about Nathan? Does he survive?

All I’m going to say is that it all depends on how you interpret the above question….

Does Sylar spend the episode shooting brain farts at cans in an alley?

Nope. He’s back in action within ten minutes of the opening, knocking on a particular hero’s door and stalking him/her in a well-paced cat and mouse chase that’s creepy enough to have you holding your breath.

Is Maya still…Maya?

Not really—and a core character seems to be able to balance her oil-eye seepage for some reason. Also, there might be a romance brewing between these two.

Is Hiro on another crazy-ass journey this year?

If a gnarly mind-screw from his father via a posthumous DVD counts as a journey, then the answer is yes. This set up promises some very interesting developments.

Does David Anders show up in the premiere?

No (sob). Neither does Kristin Bell.

How long until HRG makes an appearance?

He graces us with his presence almost at the end of the episode, but then only briefly, and in a cell, to boot.

Does Jessica/Nikki make an appearance?

No…but a chick named “Tracy” does.

Just a few other little notes, and these do contain some fairly big hints:

* We find out how Sylar absorbs his powers after slicing open skulls.
* In the future, a character exhibits his/her powers, and it’s a very cool moment. In the present, a different character gets powers, too.
* We discover something that puts Claire on a higher level than the other heroes.
* An old character returns and introduces even more questions.
* Mohinder’s days as a weenie are finally over.

I guess the icing on this episode for me was the use of my favorite poem, Yeats’ “The Second Coming.” It’s the first voiceover from Mohinder that I’ve absolutely loved, and it raised goosebumps on my skin.

Look up the poem, and let that be your guide for what to expect from this season.

Be excited. Be very excited.


Celise said...

I can't wait! Television has sucked major balls since all my shows have been on hiatus.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

You're going to be very happy, Celise! And thank goodness for Netflix this summer. But I'm looking forward to getting into MAD MEN again.

Celise said...

I forgot to ask. Did all the cast come out for this? How's Milo lookin' these days?