Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Knee Deep in Vamps

So I've pretty much put my Japan Blaze to bed. Just one more polish and it's off to Brenda Chin's desk. Meanwhile, I've been contracted to do what looks to be a fun continuity for Special Edition. I've actually got the first book, and it's a CEO versus Nanny story, with the nanny being an ex-showgirl from Vegas. I've never written a heroine like that, so I'm really looking forward to it.

While I'm plotting that (since the synopsis is due August 15 and I will write the actual book in November), I've started with Vampire Babylon, Book 5, again. I think we've already got a title--PATH OF RAZORS--so I hope the action lives up to that creepy promise. I'm writing chapter three today after trying something a little different with the opening two chapters. Usually I open the books with a mystery or situation that'll be solved/resolved by the end of that book, and it's the same thing here but with a dual situation instead of a single one: a vampire mystery and a who-the-heck-is-behind-this-mystery mystery.

I don't want to give more than that away, but you all will find out what I mean next year when the book is released....


Ellen said...

With the nanny being an ex-show girl from Vegas won't you have to go to Vegas for research????

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hi, Ellen!
LOL--it's not a far drive. :) Isn't research just awful?