Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer TV

Are you all as fed up with most of the garbage on TV right now as I am? Do you also feel as if we're being attacked by every single bad reality show idea to ever come down the pike?

At least there are a few interesting spots in the summer line up....

* IN PLAIN SIGHT (USA): In spite of a slow start, this series about a U.S. Marshal who works in the WITSEC program has taken off. The main character, Mary Shannon, is pretty fun, with lots o' attitude, but it's her sympathetic, encyclopedic partner, Marshall, who really makes this show for me.

* SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (Fox): Yes, I'm sick of reality shows, but this one doesn't really count since it transcends most competition/reality series. Even though the judges can be annoying, they're very constructive, and the dancers on this show are truly amazing. Way better than AMERICAN IDOL, IMHO.

* FEAR ITSELF (NBC): Like its prototype, MASTERS OF HORROR, this tamed-down scary anthology series doesn't always live up to its potential. However, the last installment, "Eater," was really gross, suspenseful, and horrific, and I hope it set the bar for the rest of the season.

* SWINGTOWN (CBS): There's something about this show that just really interests me, and it's not anything technical. I think I love the music and the summertime party feel more than the faux-"cheeky" premise of a normal couple who gets into the swingin' lifestyle of the 70s. It's way less titillating than you'd think, but the adult characters (including Molly Parker from DEADWOOD) have hooked me, too.

PROJECT RUNWAY, THE CLOSER, and MAD MEN start soon, so my 'tude is improving. But, best of all, I just found out that ELI STONE is being repeated on Saturdays on ABC. If you missed this show the first time around, grab onto it now. It started out as an "okay" show for me, but it was one of those things that rolled into a giant snowball of awesome. (I guess it comes out on DVD September 2, too.)


Stephanee said...

Love Eli Stone (it's so different from your regular lawyer/court show), and surprisingly I like Swingtown. I thought Swingtown would be corny, but it has a pretty good storyline and I love the music too. Been trying to catch In Plain Sight, but haven't yet. Been watching reruns of Reaper since I didn't see it the first time - pretty funny, snappy dialogue. The season premiere of Burn Notice is on Thursday - Yeah (great summer show).

Can't stand any of the reality shows except Gene Simmons Family Jewels. And what's up with all the primetime game shows?

Can't wait for Big Bang, LOST, Supernatural, New Adventures of Old Christine, Ugly Betty & Bones to come back. Bummed Men in Trees, Moonlight and Blood Ties were canceled.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Steph! I'm renting the first season of BURN NOTICE on Netflix and will be recording the second season until I'm ready. I keep hearing it's nice to look at and really fun.

Let's hope that there's no strike and that fall TV arrives with no problem!