Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day Three of RWA

Back, with a skim of Day Three of the RWA conference!

I’d planned to go to the PAN (Published Author Network) presentation for how to get your book made into a movie but, man, it was a fight to get out of bed. I always regret sleeping at conference, because I can do that when I get home, right? However, my body wages a major argument against that idea, and it always wins.

But I was up and ready for a field trip to the offices of Locus Magazine.

Our new agent at the Knight Agency, Lucienne Diver (who is actually my twin sister—shhhh, it’s something we totally keep under wraps) was kind enough to take us to Oakland for this adventure. Thanks to the efforts of the wonderful Elaine Spencer, we cruised over in a limo.

Yes, a load of female urban fantasy, fantasy, and sci-fi authors all stylin’! (Wish I had pictures, but I’m so not a picture person. If I were, though, you’d see people like Marjorie Liu and Rosemary Clement-Moore waving to the camera.)

I had no idea that Locus was located in a private residence that perches among lots of trees on a hilltop. I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of this, since we got to meet the great Charles Brown and have a tour of all the art and objects he’s culled from years of travel. And you should see all the books in his vaults! You don’t even know what it was like for seven authors to wander the maze of his collections. We were salivating dogs.

Then it was off to lunch with my agent, Pamela Harty. Ah, the life of a glamorous author, huh? We ate at this delish little café that had some amazing chocolate mousse. (I’m sorry to say that I was even inspired to hunt down a recipe and attempt to make some myself when I got home. Ack—the calories! But it tasted so very yummy.)

Afterward, I did a Mary-Tyler-Moore dash back to the conference to get there in time for my first Berkley Author Signing. I loved it. So much energy in that room, and I guess that makes sense when you have readers who love free books (Don’t we all?).

It was time for a change of clothes at that point, because I had come to the cocktail part of the day. Donning a halter dress that had some breeze and flow to it (Oh, I do love my party dresses.), I attended the Berkley Cocktail Party, where I was able to mingle with my fellow Berkites. After a couple of hours, most of us also write for Harlequin/Silhouette trooped down to the Four Seasons, where H/S was throwing their own shindig.

Food, San Fran-inspired decorations, drinks, dancing, and awesome author friends—all there and accounted for. And to top off the night, I received a milestone pin for writing 25 books for H/S. :)

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