Monday, August 11, 2008

Day Two at RWA Conference

Day two at RWA was a crowded one (but just you wait until we get to Friday, LOL). I went to the Annual General Meeting, where nothing earth-shattering went down. How could it we there wasn’t enough of a quorum to conduct “real business”? It was interesting, though, to hear debate and board views about the hottest topics in RWA at the moment: a RITA category for erotic romance, a redefinition of the standards for acknowledged publishers, what to do about piracy. What strikes me most when I attend these meetings is how thoughtful and articulate everyone is. It’s truly impressive.

And, what do you know, I actually got to attend a conference lunch! This hasn’t happened much lately, and I was happy to sit at that round table and meet people from far and wide. Best way to make new friends at conference. Oh, and I ordered the vegetarian plate, and my veggie lasagna looked waaaaay better than the chicken that was generally served. (Then again, I inhaled a great deal of carbs at that meal, so who had the last laugh?)

Unfortunately, I had to leave before Victoria Alexander’s speech. Fortunately, it was because I was set to attend Harlequin’s digital workshop. I used to be a big participant at eHarlequin, but the more contracts I signed, the less time I had to spend there. I’ve been hoping to get in the swing of the site again, and based on what the eHarlequin team is doing on the digital front, I need to get started. Truly, these ladies are kicking some major butt with their promotions and ideas for marketing. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even know what a “widget” is, but now I do. The workshop added many more “to do” things to my list.

After that, Judy Duarte and I stopped by the Harlequin Meet and Greet down the hall, where we chatted with more friends. I couldn’t stay long because Brenda Chin and Kathryn Lye were hosting a Blaze dinner down a couple blocks at Bucca di Beppo. If you’ve visited one of these restaurants, you know the food is yummy and plentiful, and the vittles just kept coming. Seriously, we had so many courses that our tummies weighed us down by the end of it. And I got to see Birgit Todd-Davies, who purchased and edited my first Blaze, too, so it was all good (very, very good!).

I got a little downtime in the room while I got ready for the Knight Agency party at a nearby wine bar. (And can I note that, for those of you I didn’t get to bitch to, I was on antibiotics and I couldn’t drink until Saturday? Boo! Still, fun was had.) The splendid agents put on a grand soiree every conference, and the agency is growing yearly; recently, they added Lucienne Diver and Melissa Jeglinski from Silhouette to their numbers. Yay, girls!

Stay tuned for Friday at conference….


Stephanee said...

Hey Chris,

I really wanted to attend conference. I've been reading all the blogs and it looks like so much fun. Maybe next year. I'm vegetarian, though I rarely eat veggies - hah! I can vouch for Buca di Beppos eggplant parmesean as being the best I have ever tasted in my life! So good I stopped ordering it at other restaurants because none can even come close to Bucas. Now I’m hungry. I’m waiting patiently for a Buca to be opened in Temecula. Come on, two in San Diego and one even in Las Vegas, but none in the 200K population of Temecula/Murrieta? Wah!

I love eHarlequin too; there is so much community there for newbie authors like myself. It’s almost like an online RWA chapter.

Have a good one!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Stephanee, definitely next year!

And I'm really surprised there's no Beppo up yonder. I thought the chain was taking over the earth, LOL.

That's a great point about eHarlequin. They have so much info and support for people who want to get pubbed!

You have a good one, too....