Monday, August 18, 2008

Much Appreciation to Teagan!

I wanted to send a thanks out to Teagan Oliver, fellow author! She won a copy of MIDNIGHT REIGN at the NINC blog, and she's consequently been so very kind about my "Crossing Over" entry and more. (You can check that out here.)

I also want to point out that on her Web site, she has a really cool section called "Pub Crawl," where she rates pubs. How sweet is that? The only neat pub that I normally visit is The Field in downtown San Diego.

Stay tuned this week because I'm going to be giving away two more copies of MIDNIGHT REIGN over at Samantha Hunter's blog, Love Is An Exploding Cigar. That'll happen on Thursday, and on Friday, I've got a sneak peek of my October Blaze cover, the sequel to THE ULTIMATE BITE....

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