Monday, September 29, 2008

HEROES, 9/29

Okay, the first thing I have to say is
CHUCK is back and I’m more in love with it than ever.

I suppose you could say that I do get some CHUCK-levels of entertainment when Hiro and Ando are on HEROES. And there are flashes of wonderfulness about this show that keep me tuning in. However, I’m at the point where I’ve pretty much given up on following the mythology and my enjoyment is purely superficial. (For example, the number of shirts taken off tonight? Zero! Dang. Even CHUCK had at least two shirt-off moments. One of them was Captain Awesome, and the name does justice to him. I was way too interested in Chuck’s chest, too, because, let’s face it, I wouldn’t throw him outta bed for eatin’ crackers. Heh.)

So here we go with HEROES:

* Right off the bat I decide that I will go with the theory that Mama Petrelli is mindscrewing Sylar in order to get him to do what she wants him to do. I can’t deal with her really being his mom. Just…no.

* Someone needs to tell Future Peter that an upturned collar is not badass.

* “What kind of overconfident nemesis are you?” I adore Hiro’s meta-talk.

* I wish the Hatian would do his thing with Sylar. Do you know how much trouble that would save us?

* Love how the silent movie’s music is used in the Hiro/Ando scenes. Totally fun.

* You had to know that the African painter’s eyes would go white. Doesn’t he even have the same Tim Sale painting style that Isaac did?

* Micah’s got lots o’hair!

* “I’m being awesome!” Ando gets the line of the night.

* Good job, Two Peters—time is frozen and you guys couldn’t take just a sec to move poor HRG out of the room as the New Villains sit there ready to attack him? Mean.

* Sooo…we’ve got a magic walkman that turns eyes white?

* Lastly, I want me some Sark!!! I can’t believe HEROES isn’t using him. Talk about a waste of talent.

What’s your take? Good, bad, ugly? Directionless? Or do you have hope for the coming adventures of our heroes?


Unknown said...

I adore Chuck. LOL. You are so bad.

Every scene between Mama Petrelli and Sylar scared me. It had that creepy vibe that made me shudder. The weird smile on her lips the coldness and Sylar just eating it all up. *shudder*

LMAO! Maybe it's really cold in the future? LOL

OMG! I never thougt of the Hatian using his powers against Syler. *headdesk*

I thought wilderness dude just had the same power as Issac. It's the tape player. LOL. Now that was a twist. LOL

LOL! I felt bad for Micah sitting there all alone with Niki's casket.

Althought, what are they saying? Tr-icy and Niki were clones? And even if they are, I don't really care. Sad huh?

Noooo! Jesse, we hardly knew you. But um, did he steal that guy from the webisodes powers? I was all hyped up on what he could do cause of the hints that said he could control everything. And then Syler, WTH?

I want Sark back too.

Heroes has some good points but well . . . Chuck is beating it with good stories that I actually care about. I mean Casey and his attempt to postpone the finding of the bad guys. The real date that got interrupted by bad guys. *sob*

On Heroes there are very few characters I care about and a few stories I could do without. I mean WTH was the point of the break out if they were going to kill off two villians? I was all jazzed about the villians and then they get caught? WTH?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Selena, OMG, I, too, could care less about this Niki/Tr-icy thing. I like Ali Larter, though, and I'm glad she's back but...GAH!

I'm hoping they'll find a way to use Weevil....

Excellent point about how CHUCK is far easier to care about. I mean, there are characters I love in HEROES (Hiro, Ando, obviously, LOL), but CHUCK has it *all* going on. Hate to say this, but it's almost a comedown when HEROES comes on.

Anonymous said...

I had to beat up my husband the other night because he'll watch CHUCK but not HEROES. He thinks it sucks! Needless to say, we had a little smackdown. And I won. LOL. JK.

I'm so glad CHUCK is back and I had to wipe away a tear for the real date that didn't happen. Was it just me or did Michael Clarke Duncan seem kinda cheesy? His lines just seemed so...cue card-ish. LOL. OMG and I totally loved it when CHUCK became Charles Carmichael, rattled off the game plan, then called Morgan to "back him up", so to speak. I was like "Dude, that was freakin' awesome." And he doesn't have a bad-lookn' body, either.

As for HEROES, I was hoping to see another Shirtless Mo, but alas, nothing of the sort. Sylar, all the way around--including the actor that plays him--just freaks me out. Maybe it's the eyebrows. I dunno, either way, I just know that if I ever got a chance to meet him in one of those "fan" moments, I would probably give him a wide berth.

And Micah! Look how much he's grown! So, what's going to happen to him now? Is this the last we're going to see of him?

Love Hiro and Ando--again with the Batman and Robin reference. Loved it.

Jesse--didn't some X-Men character have that same power? And I'm still trying to figure out what that black dude's power is.

The minute I saw those paintings, I thought of Isaac. And again when the African got the weird looking eyes. So, Tim Sale is the guy that paints those? I would so love to have one of those in my house. Particularly of a Shirtless Mo. Or a Shirtless Peter.

Are you a Dexter fan?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Celise! Yeah, Duncan was a bit cheesy--not your imagination, LOL.

And I was totally looking at Sylar's eyebrows, too! But then I thought "Spock" and I was at peace.

I hope Micah isn't doomed. He's one of the characters I do care about.

re: Jesse
I'm not a big X-Men person, but his power does remind me of Black Canary for DC.

Yup, Tim Sale is the artist. LOL about the shirtless pics. Maybe they already sell those!

I do watch DEXTER. Love.