Monday, September 22, 2008

The Return of HEROES, 9/22/08

It’s been a while, but we’re ba-ack.

But is being back a good or bad thing for HEROES? What did you all think of the premiere?

Some of you already read my hint-riddled tease that I wrote after I saw the first hour of this premiere at Comic-Con (If you didn’t read it, click on this: and go to the third post down.). I was really optimistic when I saw it.

Then I witnessed the second hour. It was still good, but my attention kept wandering, and I think there’s a specific reason for that, because it tends to happen with characters I’ve completely let go of. One of those characters is Niki/Jessica…Tracy(?), but I’ll get to that in a second.

First, onto the bullet points that I use as a minute-by-minute comment board. Just keep in mind that I only watched the second hour tonight, already having seen the first….

(And…we’re back!)

* Suresh/Testosterone-Wallclimbing-SkinShedding SexFiend extends the fine tradition of Heroes who quite graciously take off their shirts for us. What took him so damned long, because…bab-uh. Methinks someone has been hitting the Pilates.

* After earning my good will, Mohinder immediately blows it by going all suckface on Maya. Gah. I now become bored with his continued moronic state of being and I tune out whenever he is on.

* I’m so happy to catch a glimpse of Adam in Mama Petrelli’s dream. Gimme hope for my Sark’s return!!!

* I never thought I’d be glad to see Elle, but, hey, I am. Whoa. Maybe it’s just because I miss Kristin Bell in general.

* So Niki is Jessica and Tracy? Huh? I decide to brush my confusion aside in favor of concentrating on the Greatest American Hero instead. Check out that soul patch!

* Nooooooooo—not Bob!!!!!!!!!

* How great is it that Weevil and Veronica Mars are together again (or at least within close range of each other)? Let’s pray for some longer scenes to take advantage of their chemistry. Seriously, if you watched VERONICA MARS, you know that these two are magic together.

* All right, I’ll admit it—I’m utterly puzzled about anything that involves Ali Larter when it comes to this show. I never figured out her first character/s, and now we’ve got Tr-icy to contend with. The sight of her stultifies me.

* I’m cracking up at all the Batman-Catwoman-Robin stuff.

* Tonight’s fave? Mah-nah-mah-nah-mah-nah-mah-nah! Here, Kitty, Kitty!

* LOL at Matt and the turtle moment.

* “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a heated game?” I immediately add, “With Mr. Eko?” (If you don’t watch LOST, you totally won’t get that, and it’s okay.)

* So do you all think that Mama Petrelli is actually Sylar’s ma or is she speaking metaphorically? Or is she just being the evil wench we all love and she’s messing with Sylar’s mind?
(I’m fervently hope it’s the last option….)

Opinions? Loves? Not-so loves? What did you think?


Celise said...

Totally agree with you about Mo. Lovin' the no-shirt rule. That needs to continue. For both him AND Peter. LOL. Not impressed with the fact that he's gone a little power crazy and wants to "infect" everyone with abilities. Becuz, y'know, it's going so well for him.

AND CAN SOMEONE JUST PLEASE KILL OFF NIKI/JESSICA/ICEWOMAN? It's been so long, I don't even remember what happened to her last season. Where the hell is Micah? And what happened to that black girl who can copy anything she sees? Did she die?

I never really got into Veronica Mars, but if Weevil is that nice-looking Hispanic dude (who's now claiming to be Peter), then wow, he's really bulked up. I don't remember him being that big on VM.

And I was surprised that Sylar let Claire live, but I'm starting to think he took something from her during that Hannibal-like moment:

"Are you going to eat it?"

"Claire, that's gross."

I laffed when he said that. As if what he was doing wasn't just as gross. If not worse.

What do you think of the new villains?

You wouldn't happen to watch SUPERNATURAL, too, would you? I SO need someone to commiserate with on that. Especially after seeing the season premiere last week.

Selena Illyria said...

Eeeee! It's good to have you back doing commentary. *Tackle Hug*

I think from now on Mohinder should just be liked for the hotness under the shirt not his taste in women.

I lost interest in Niki a long time ago. Where's Micah? Bring back D.L.!

Elle, poor kid. But can I have Bob's power?

Weevil and V! I had always wanted them to be a couple I adored their chemistry, Please Heroes writers, pair these two up romantically. *prays really hard*

LMAO! I loved that moment with Matt and the turle.

LMAO! Eko and Hurley. LMAO!

I never know what to think with Mama Petrelli. That woman gives mind screw a whole new definition.

Ehhhh! Clair's mom is back! I'm excited about that.

What do you think of Claire? I just can't really care about her like in season 1.

What did you think if Daphane?

I like that Malcolm McDowell is back and I can't wait to see Sark, I mean Adam. lol

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, guys!!!
LOL about your comments. This show just provides so much to comment on, huh? And we're all agreed on the no-shirt thing as well as the absence of Micah (and the copycat girl).

Selena, LOL for the mind screw. Mama Petrelli is the master. As for Claire, I haven't warmed up to her yet, but I figure she has a lot of credit going for her from last year. I do think Daphne has some fun potential, as long as she isn't the third point in another love triangle (this time with Hiro and Ando).

Celise, I feel your pain about Niki/Jessica/Tr-icy! And Mohinder looks set to be dumber than ever. I actually don't watch SUPERNATURAL, even though I have the first season in my Netflix queue. I have to get on that!

See you guys next week....

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Oh, and Celise, the good-looking Hispanic dude=Peter is the one we're talking about. He does look rather imposing, huh? He's a bunch of charm, and I hope HEROES uses him to his full Weevil powers.

Selena Illyria said...

LOL, Full Weevil powers. :-)