Monday, October 20, 2008

HEROES, 10/20

Pop quiz as to how I feel about tonight's episode.

a) Really stoked that Mohinder and Parkman each got more airtime than HRG.
b) Truly fulfilled to see Peter screw up yet again.
c) Extremely pissed that, of all the characters who clearly won't be resurrected, it had to be Adam who literally bit the dust.

Yes, it's c), although in Sarcastic World, it's also a) and b).

Seriously, you all, I've never seen such awesome actors treated so head-scratchingly crappy by a show. David Anders, Weevil, Kristen Bell.... How can you lure such talent only to squander it? This show is like the most disappointing date ever: they cast someone incredible in the role of Hot Prospect, pump up your excitement and make you dress up and gibber with your gal pals on the phone about how great the night's gonna be. Then your date shows up, smiling with those sparkly whites, exuding promises that you'll have a time you'll never forget and ushering you to his shiny car. Everything's going pretty well when he takes you to a fine restaurant where the food's good--not as excellent as you'd hoped, but you're having a cool time so the food is incidental anyway and you keep telling yourself it's only going to get better. However, at that moment, he leaves the table, saying he'll be right back.
Five minutes pass.
Just as the words "To Be Continued" cross your mind, the waiter comes by to inform you that your date jumped out the john's window. And then, just as you're absorbing that news, the waiter, who's wearing a nametag that says "Tim," gleefully shoves the check way up your nostril and you wonder just how you came to be sitting at that empty table with sudden brain damage and a sad urge to never believe in a Hot Prospect again.

Anyway, on with the non-diatribe portion of the post:

* Did you really expect Ando to be dead? (But, hey, Adam is. I should've known when he didn't appear on the panel at Comic-Con. However, this is non-diatribe tribe, so I continue.)

* Mrs. Bennet rocks. It takes guts to go "out there" when you know you have no prayer of matching up to superhumans.

* Adam, sucked away, taking my hopes for getting invested in at least one character this season right along with him. (But...moving on.)

* Ah, Hiro. Someday you will live up to your powers and not get bonked on the head time and again by the materialization of your ineptitude.

* Some great tension with the sideshow puppet dude. He was interesting. Favorite storyline of the night for me. (Surely you didn't think it'd be Mr. Petrelli....)

* HRG. My hopes transfer to you with the loss of a certain blonde smirking hottie baddie.

* The bro skirmish/wanker-measuring contest was fun. More, I say!

* Is it a terrible thing that I love that Peter lost his powers when he had no real idea how to use them anyway?

So I didn't watch CHUCK yet, but I'm totally excited to see some hints about Sarah's past!

What think you all about tonight's offerings?


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey C! How are you?

I hate to say this, but hubby and I have decided to drop HEROES. We watched the first two eps and couldn't even get past five minutes of episode three.

It's such a shame because I used to love this show. :/ But I hate the new direction they're headed.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hello, Yolanda! Everything is the same over here, LOL. How about you?

You know, I'm *this* close to dropping HEROES, too. The only thing keeping me in it at this point is the hope that it'll get better, but even that is dwindling week by week....

Selena Illyria said...

I was so pissed when Adam got killed. I was like, why bring him in then? They could have had him scheme against Papa Petrelli and then turn on him at the end and become a super viallian, instead talent wasted.

I was soo excited to see Weevil and then gone. WTH?

I hear Elle is coming back but my hopes for her sticking around are few and far between.

Claire is useless, actually a lot of the characters are useless.

I liked Peter's powers being sucked away that was quite nice along with the fight with Sylar.

There are awe inspiring moments and WTF moments. Mohinder hand over your hotness card until you get something to cure of stupidity and that so called "rash".

Hiro when you get some intelligence please call us. Ando, you're not helping.

We should just stop investing in people unless they're the main cast I guess. Cause those are the only people who will stick around smart or no.

The only shining hope for Monday night TV viewing is Chuck. I loved this episode. It was so funny and cute seeing Chuck get all excited about learning something about Sarah.

I heart this show so much.

Heroes needs to call us when they get a clue. And this time no fancy restaurant, they bring our favorite pizza that they paid for and show up in jeans. And if they screw up we have the right to slap them and send them on their way.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Go, go, Selena! So true about the pizza. I have no idea whatsoever why they bothered bringing Adam back except to have Papa Petrelli suck him dry--I guess that showed how dangerous the new guy is, but they did it at a real steep price.

Kristen Bell wasn't on the Comic-Con panel, either. Death knell for her character.

Selena Illyria said...

Great now I want pizza. LOL!

They could have used Claire for that. Her brain isn't exactly working at the moment.i can't really see anything for her beyond her getting into trouble and eitehr HRG or Peter or Meredith rescuing her.

But, Adam, he was fantastic. *sigh*

Man, I liked Elle even though she was a wee bit off. LOL.

Do tell when you get to see Chuck. *Grin*

Celise said...

I just thought it interesting that Peter bitched about wanting to get rid of his powers and now that he no longer has them, he gets all upset! WTH. It's all or nothing here, Petey. You can't just say "I wanna keep this part, but would you mind removing that?" Doesn't work that way.

Truth be told, I want this show to go back to the way it was when it first started. I realize we had to be introduced to the cast of characters and what they could do--and I realize the story had to lead to something bigger--but...this jumping back and forth from future to present is a little annoying.

I'm not going to give up on it just yet, either. I don't know if they plan to go back and sew up any holes from last season (like, hel-lo, what's going to happen to Micah now?), but I want to see how it ends. I really like the fact that they made a show like this, but I'd be surprised if it comes back next season. Do you know what the numbers have been like?

So, have you seen Christian Slater's new show? It's like "Alias" with a twist.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Selena, that's totally true that they could've used Claire for the power sucking show of force for Dad Petrelli. Wish they'd done that. I'm hoping to see CHUCK tonight....

: )

Celise, LOL about Peter. He's a whiny little thing, isn't he? I agree about how the show was at first--even then things were more focused. I hear the numbers are down for the series, although relatively, they're still decent.

Haven't seen MY OWN WORST ENEMY though. Is it worth watching? If it's like ALIAS, I'm in!