Monday, October 27, 2008

HEROES, 10/27


Selena, I finally saw last week’s episode, and it was the best! I love how we learned something about Sarah (sweet braces), but her flashback led to more questions than ever. What a great character. And tonight’s show was as hilarious as usual. I just have to also note that Captain Awesome was on MAD MEN, and he looks droolingly wonderful in a suit.

That brings us to HEROES, which is kind of like going from thick, rich, delicious ice cream to a Popsicle that’s melting. But Elle returned tonight, so yay!

Bullet points:

* I love how Papa Petrelli talks: “You’re still in shaack.”

* Please, Show, Elle’s return is your chance to redeem the FUBAR that resulted when you tried to integrate David Anders into some coherent action. Elle is definitely the most interesting character going—a little girl lost. A baby rattlesnake who has little idea when to use its venom or how much to use at any given time.

* Weekly Mohinder complaint section: Dude, there’s no need for you of all “people” to get all self-righteous on Papa Petrelli. Barf.

* Great scene with Claire and Elle. HEROES can get its mojo back if they concentrated on more of this—characters interacting and having real conversations.

* Later, Maury.

* I’m having such a hard time buying any Sylar-to-the-rescue scenarios.

* More HRG! Whenever he appears in a typically awesome manner, I’m like, (!!!!!!!!!!!). I forget he’s part of the cast sometimes.

* And just how uninteresting can Nathan get? We’re finding out week by week.

* Oooo, Daphne—clotheslined by the fear guy! Ouch.

* Er…I have to say that Claire tending to shirtless Uncle Peter read pretty high on the squick-o-meter. Or do you all get the feeling that we’re being set up for a “Peter isn’t related to Claire after all” “twist”?

* In the spirit of Elle’s continual “Oh, isn’t your life hard, Claire Bear” bitching tonight, I dedicate this vintage song.


A two week break, you all. Be back with another recap then….


Unknown said...

Yeeeah! I love Chuck. I just keeps getting better and better. I wonder if we'll ever find out Sarah's real name.

As for Heroes, despite, hearing assurances that the fans' gripes will be dealt with as the season progresses, I just can't buy it.

I was so excited to see Elle back. I just hope they don't screw it up and where in blue blazes is Claude? What happened to him?

I'm with you there on the squick. The scene just didn't feel right.


Heroes really needs to step up it's game. I'm getting bored just watching it.

Elle needs to stay on the show and Claude needs to come back.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Selena! It's a shame that CHUCK isn't getting better ratings. I fear for its existence....

With HEROES, I'm trying so hard not to be bored. I wasn't during the Elle/Claire scenes and when HRG came busting into the room, but that's about it.

I think Claude is having tea with Micah and Monica.


Unknown said...

Noooo! Chuck must stay. I love Chuck. It makes Monday night bearable.

I liked the Elle/Claire scenes, they have good chemistry and you got to see Elle vulnerable.

Ack, no, no tea party for them, they have to come back. We need them.