Monday, October 06, 2008

HEROES, 10/6

CHUCK, OMG! What a hot little not-so-good-for-Charles-Bartowski-but-great-for-me surprise at the end….

And then there’s HEROES.

* Mohinder…a rash? That’s what you think you’ve got on your back? Is he being delusional or just… Why even ask anymore? He’s being a dork. As usual.

* Just a funny aside—whenever I see the White Eyeballs of Magic Picture Making on this show, I think of THE DARK KNIGHT when Batman had that sonar thing going on. Was that strangely hot to anybody else out there? (Of course, Batman could've just stood there and I would've been hyperventilating.)

* Wouldn’t it be awesome if Mohinder turned into a snake? The rattles on the soundtrack are kind of a tipper, huh? He’s totally going to be radly reptilian in the future, and this will perhaps add such interest to his storyline.

* Mini Noah?

* Oy—it looks like this Gabriel Petrelli thing is going to be carried through to the future. Matters could change though, right? Please?

* I think, instead of using the requisite amount of Evil Eyeliner from ALIAS, Claire has opted for Evil Dark Hair. You can always see them bad girls a’comin’.

* Dude—that little boy totally got slammed! That took juevos.

* On many other shows, I’d be worried about an atomic explosion, but on HEROES, it’s all reset…reset…reset because of the time travel. It makes it tough to care.

* Is there anything more boring than Tr-icy? At least Mohinder is starting to hiss and peel.

* You all, we really should devise a drinking game based on how many times the guys take their shirts off. What do you say? One shot for every time Peter doffs the cotton, two shots for every time Mohinder does (because, frankly, I need more alcohol to get through his scenes), and for Sylar, you just run to the bathroom and barf.

* Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Me finally getting some Sarkie!

Thoughts? Or maybe you can just tell us how many drinks it took you to get through the episode….


Selena Illyria said...

LOL. I love your recapts. LOL. It was a great episode but you're right it's really hard to care when they can just reset things.

Can we also add to the drinking game, when Tracy/Niki/Barbara who ever, gets a teary and does something stupid because she can't control her powers.

Future Sylar disturbed me. LOL

I was so excited to see Sark, I can't wait to see what happens when he has to work with Hiro and Ando. LOL

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thank you! ;)

I like your idea for the drinking game. Boy, I'd be sloshed at the end of it!

I'm just so excited to have Sark and Bryce back in the same night that I can hardly contain myself. Seriously!

Selena Illyria said...

LOL. We both would, maybe no alcohol, maybe Snapple, much safter. LOL.

I know, eehhhh! I was so happy to see Chuck try to get all romantic and then Bryce is there, argh! But Bryce in a tux, *sigh*. I can't wait for Monday. *Grin*

I can't wait to see what Sark does and how he can help Hiro. LOL. The dynamic of Hiro, Ando and Sark should be interesting and funny to watch.