Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HEROES Catchup

Sorry about not being able to do the usual HEROES thing on Monday night, you all. I'll be back next week to do a regular recap, but I figured that I'm so late with this one that posting it now would be the height of irrelevency.

Even so, I'll just chime in that I liked this last episode more than most recent ones, and I think it's because they focused on only a few characters and got back to what I liked about this series in the first place: the personal struggle of "regular" people who discover that they're not so regular after all. Once again, HRG and Claire provided a lot of heart, especially when Claire told her dad that the Vortex guy was a lot like her...except he didn't have HRG there to help out. Aw!

Also, within five seconds of David Anders reappearing, I was already loving him above all others. His line readings are awesome--funny, clever, and so very appealing. He gives Adam that cocky swagger of a less swishy Captain Jack Sparrow, and he is so naughty that I find myself chuckling every time he gets that I'm-off-to-work-over-Hiro gleam in his eyes.

Next we'll see if Ando's dead (Yeah, right.) and what kind of trouble Papa Petrelli is bound to get the planet into....


Celise said...

I agree. And Mo is really getting out of hand. Poor Maya. As for Mama Petrelli birthing all those's funny really. They probably COULD pass for brothers: they all have the same eyebrows, although Sylar's are a lot more bushier. What's even funnier is that one of the villains? The one with the flaming hands? Was on last night's episode of "Bones".

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise! The eyebrows on this show are getting more interesting by the episode, LOL.