Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HEROES, 11/17/08

I’m finally back on track for viewing this show. But is HEROES back on track? Sometimes I think so, but then this whole New!Improved!Sylar thing happens and I lose all hope. Still, with all the staff shakeups, I wonder what the future holds.

But on to tonight’s play by play….

* So does Ando get those future lightning powers via a Papa Petrelli transfer? It might be kind of fun if Papa shuffled all the powers amongst the characters. But it might make this program fifty times even more confusing and I don’t think we need that.

* Oh, great. Now Hiro gets the opportunity to act even more intellectually stunted.

* As I mentioned before, I’m not on board with the New!Improved!Sylar. He was fairly interesting in season one, but the whole HANNIBAL RISING “He was made into a baddie, not born one” switcharoo erases anything that made him even slightly intriguing in the first place.

* Claire Face Plant = Awesome

* Another reason to nominate Mohinder for Scientist of the Century: he thinks that it’s merely a coincidence that most of the powers came about during the last solar flare. Way to discard a promising lead, Braintrust.

* Those waffles at the bowling alley look amazing. Weird that I'm fixating on those instead of paying attention to anything else.

* Is this Elle/Sylar scene supposed to be…sexy? I’m getting the vibe that they’re being made into an even more warped version of Bonnie and Clyde, but all I can think the entire time is, “Nooooooo.”

* Good to see that Peter is smarter without his powers.

* Cool glimpse inside Parkman’s head with the Mama Petrelli captive thing. That was a good sequence…

*…but Daphne loves Matt? Wha…? Huh…? When…? How…?

Anyway, let’s cross our fingers and wish for the stars. Maybe we’ll get super lucky and Bryan Fuller will return or Grant Morrison will agree to write some episodes….


Selena Illyria said...

Yeeeaaah! Recap time! *Grin*

First off, Chuck. Jill must go, Jill must go faaaaar away but not before Sarah gives her the beat down.

I feel so bad for Chuck, but unfortunately he lost brain cells because of Jill. *sob*. His brain cell loss is excusable, some people's aren't. lol. At least next week Jill gets exposed.

Okay, Hereos, Hiro's situation, it's insulting, it's just insulting. Come on, he's 10 now, WTH? Him acting like a kid is not cute, adorable or endearing, it's irritating because that's how he's been acting since season 2. Give me a break.

Okay, I kind of understand Elle and Sylar, well after seeing them together in the Flashback. But that still doesn't excuse things. Sylar and Elle need to own up to their actions. But in a another time mayb they would make a cute couple? Okay, I'm weird.

LOL. The face plant was funny and a bit creepy. LOL

Let's be honest, Mohinder is now a moron, any theory he comes up with we just discard and can someone comb his hair? Big on him, not a good look.

OMG! I'm not the only one, I wanted waffles with ice cream too. God, those things looked good. Great I want to go to IHOP now. LOL

No Powers= Smart
With Powers= Moron

Hey, you may be on to something. Wait, how does this apply to Mohinder? Did the powers make him stupider or was he just intellectually digressing? Hmmm . . .

Mama Petrelli using those persuasive powers again, very nice.

I know, they've known each other three weeks now and haven't spent enough time together but she wuvs him, huh?

Two points:

One, making Claire the "one" still does not in my mind make me feel she's important and/or useful. It's awfully convenient though that she's the catalyst.I still don't care about her. She's basically just a D.I.D.(damsel in distress) with interesting blood, that's it.

Two, Tricy is also redunant, she serves no purpose and I'm guessing her twin Barbara won't either. I just can't care.

If they took out say half the Heroes cast, brought back Micah, Claude, Adam, D.L. and Monica, I may be more interested. Those characters served a purpose, were useful and interesting. The current stable . . . I just don't know.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Selena! I'll see CHUCK pretty soon, but I had a feeling Jill was too good to be true.... Poor Chuck.

Great responses. That's a valid point about Claire, too: a D.I.D. with interesting blood. So true!!!

And Tricy just wears me out. I think I'll start FFing through those scenes, even before Barbara shows up....