Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HEROES, 11/24

So instead of having a "What would happen if we looked into the future?" episode, we had a "What would happen if the heroes lost their powers?" episode. I only say that because I'm 99.9% sure that after the eclipse is done, everything will reset and we'll be right back where we started: Claire will be okay and Sylar will escape yet again.

Business as usual.

Here's the recap:

* I see HRG and I think, "Please tell me he'll have something to do this episode!"

* "Everything's going to change today." - Papa Petrelli
My hopes... They are raised.
(But soon they are laid to rest, yet again.)

* Maybe I've just been acquainted with the wrong ten-year-olds, but how many kids of that age do you know who hop up and down like a five-year-old when they have to pee? This Hiro is not funny at all.

* So Elle turns Sylar into a baddie again that quickly? Her teasing him into badness smacks of Marty McFly syndrome. Remember in the BACK TO THE FUTURE movies when someone would call him a chicken and he would lose all characterization and do something he'd normally not do?

* Love HRG calling out Claire! There he goes! Man, if this show featured him more, I'd be really on board.

* Mama Petrelli, take Tricy DOWN!

* Lucky Nathan and Peter were flying over a lake (swamp? something?) during that eclipse....

* Dude, even the newly intelligent Peter made the eclipse connection without the benefit of Mohinder's "scientific" studies. I guess even the show is admitting that Suresh is a dimbulb.

* LOL for Parkman trying his powers during the eclipse and failing. That particular bit worked nicely.

* I should be feeling anxious about Claire's injury but...nah. As I mentioned before, things will just reset after the eclipse. (Unless the show is going to surprise the heck out of me. That'd be awesome.)

* Good twist with Daphne!

* And next episode? Just as HRG shoots, the eclipse will end and Sylar won't be hurt.


Let's cross our fingers for Bryan Fuller's return, you all. I'm going to miss the heck out of PUSHING DAISIES, but in this case, lemons can become lemonade....


Selena Illyria said...

First off Congrats on the new series. Ahhhh! I wuvs the name of the series. *Big Grin*

Did you see Chuck? I wanted a Jill beat down. Was that wrong? But I did like what Chuck. Thank goodness he got his brain back.

They've basically found a new way to reset. Instead of going into the past of future, let's have an eclipse. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It stil doesn't make me sympatheic. I'm picky I know.

Papa Petrelli should just not have hopes when it comes to his children, two of them are stupid and one of them isnt Peter. Harsh I know but Sylar is toothless, confused and irritating. Sylar and Elle, not cute anymore.

When they had Hiro do that I couldn't help but wonder what is he doing? I wasn't really paying attention. That's been happen a lot with Heroes.

I loved that too moment too. Still don't care about her though.*shrug* I think I'm over teenage angst from her because it just sounds so whiny. Daddy isn't letting me catch the bad guys, yada, yada, yada. I refuse to use my brain, yap, yap, yap.

It takes someone getting hurt or me getting hurt to understand. Whatever.

All I can say is Suresh out of the cocoon, Ewwwwwwww! Maybe this will make him intelligent now that he's powerless. Am I being too hopeful?

That's the major problem. There is no one to care about. They can just reset the show. Use Claire's blood and bam, nothing to worry about.

When Charlie died I cared, I felt so horrible for Hiro, trying over and over again to save her. I can't care anymore. Claire's magic blood and the reset button makes it hard to do that.

It would be a drastic step but I think it's time for Claire to go. She's a reset button herself. Take away the cheerleader with the important blood and you leave people such as Nathan, Mama Petrelli and others powerless and mortal.

That just leaves Peter and Sylar battling it out forever. Which would in interesting because you actually have a multitude of ways you could go with both characters. So many avenues to explore. What if the death of Claire pushes Peter to the dark side?

What if Sylar does become the creepy man from the future, all because Claire Bear dies?

Have Mama Petrelli and Arthur battle it out a la Xavier and Magneto. Yeah, I went there. What? LOL

They have so many ways the can go they just have to go there screw playing it safe. It's time fore several of these characters to grow up or get written off.

I do have to say this, I adored seeing Seth Green and Breckin Meyer on the show. Squeee, Oz, Robot Chicken,Clueless ... lol.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thank you, Selena! I can't wait to start writing BLOODLANDS....

I finally caught up on CHUCK. Love! I was also rooting for a Jill beat down, but I wanted it to happen at the hands of Chuck's Thanksgiving-raging sister, LOL. That would've been magnificent.

Wonderful description of Sylar: "toothless, confused and irritating." LOL!

And when you say you weren't really paying attention to what happened with Hiro--and that this happens quite a bit when you're watching the show--I hear you. It's been happening with me for some time....

I love your idea about Claire, and that's just what this show needs to shake things up. I just finished watching the most recent LIFE ON MARS episode, and...my God. Talk about a show finding its feet. If LOM is this good when it returns in January, I'm going to be very, very happy. I wish HEROES would go to the dark side, too.

Selena Illyria said...

I'm so excited. Is it connected to VoB? Oh! I love your idea. Can you just picture it, kitchen utensils and turkeys used as weapons as Ellie takes her hysteria and rage out on Jill. Although, Morgan would have to interfere for the turkey's sake. LOL.

:-). It's so sad, this show has so much potential, the creativity seems to be stifled. I have yet to see LoM, I'm a bit hesitant since it is based on the British show of the same name. But yes, let's go to the dark side.

There are rumors swirling a blond may be killed off of Heroes. I'm not buying it since we can go back in time. But if they do go that way I hope it's more than one blond. If they do kill off say Claire and Tricy we are left with Barbara. Argh. *shrug* I guess we'll have to wait and see what they do.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

The new series is a different world from Vampire Babylon. It's a "possible future" scenario with a desolate, retro setting.

Seeing Ellie go off would've been so great!

I guess the British version of LIFE ON MARS is great, but from what I've heard, this U.S. version is starting to veer off in a slightly different direction. I just know that what happened last week was way cool, and I can't wait for the series to continue in January.

I agree with your "blond hero" theory. You just know the blond will be Tricy, who'll be replaced with Barbara. Sylar is supposed to be the cockroach of the series, but I think Nikki/Jessica/Tricy/Barbara is the real one....