Tuesday, December 09, 2008

HEROES, 12/8/08

One more episode this year! (The exclamation point is to mark my overwhelming relief, not a wail of grief.) I keep hearing that if Bryan Fuller does come back, he'll have a hand in only about the last three episodes of the season. This fills me with sorrow.

Since I must be happy, I will briefly comment on CHUCK first.

Weeee! An installment chock full of double crosses and con games. Fun! Sara's dad is a real piece of work, and Gary Cole makes him extra interesting. He's one of those people who makes me laugh just when I look at him because you know there's some kind of devilry going on behind that grin. And a huge ROFLOL for the "Oh, Yeah"/Ferris Bueller treatment of the Delorean and the General Lee. This show is geek paradise.

Now...onward to the HEROES stuff:

* LOL for Hiro and Claire talking at the same time--that was well done.

* I see a beach, debris... Oh, my word, have I stumbled onto the first new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA of the season??? Alas, I have not, because Sylar's mug interrupts my joy. And lest we still wonder if Elle is really dead? Looks like it. (Although there's a pretty heavy healing element to this episode and it makes me wonder if it's foreshadowing anything with Elle. [Hey, maybe there are some Elle molecules leftover? Maybe?] Frankly, if they're going to have this "shocking death," I wish they'd stick to it, although I doubt the same will hold for the other "shocking death" that occurs at the end of this episode.)

* I think I figured out one more reason HEROES isn't exciting me. I've noticed that the colors they're using lately are constantly dark and murky. However, they aren't creating any kind of evocative tone--creepy, ominous, whatever. The big picture only feels dreary and without soul, and I believe this is wearing on me, along with the lack of much forward progress altogether.

* Been meaning to ask--what's going on with Hayden's hair? Is that a wig? Is she okay?

* With everything Sylar does (including this "semi-shocking death" of the office worker), I couldn't care less. I just want him to be over.

* LOL with the two versions of Hiro echoing each other's moves.

* Please, Hiro's Mommy--heal him! Strike out that ten-year-old! Do it, DO IT!

* Convenient flag pole placement for Hiro.

* My bet is that Arthur Petrelli will be cruising around, all self-healed, by the end of next episode. It'll be the big "cliffhanger" when he pops back up and says something like, "Come to Pah-pa."

And there it is.


Unknown said...

I love your recaps.

Chuck, *sigh* One of the things that makes Mondays so wonderful. I loved this episode. It was fantastic and we got to learn more about Sarah. Casey, look at him being all sweet in his own way. So cute.

I loved this episode.

Heroes, Claire is a moron, did she not think that the power would go to someone else? As far as her hair, I think that maybe they need to use a different conditioner on her. LOL. It was cute when Hiro and Claire were talking at the same time.

Hiro, *sniffle* I want to hug him. I forgive him somewhat for the brain cell loss. That moment with his mom was just so touching and sweet. At the end when he said Farewell, I think we saw Hiro mature a bit.

I agree with the shocking deaths. How can you shock an audience who will expect you the either heal the person or go back in time and save them.

I really liked the way Harry Potter 3 used the color scheme, it was dark and cold without being souless. Maybe Heroes should take a page from that movie? *shrugs*

The best moments about the episode came from Hiro, that's about it.

I don't really care about Arthur Petrelli. I can't really invest myself in him as a villain. Heck, I can't really invest myself in his plan. Although it does sort of seem like shades of X-Men to me only in reverse with giving powers rather than taking them away.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Heh, thanks, Selena! ;)

Too true about Hiro. He was appealing in this episode, and the mom scene was touching. Let's pray that he did mature from this.

I can't believe I care about so few of the characters. Remember how interesting Claire used to be (like when she woke up on that autopsy table in season one)? HRG is pretty much the only one I get excited about seeing nowadays.

Unknown said...

I know! It's just shocking how far we've come from season one. There's really no one on the show that I can connect with. That moment for Hiro made me think of Charlie. How far we've come. *sigh*

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...
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Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

BTW, there's a great interview with Bryan Fuller (He returns!!!) at the EW site:


Pretty much echoes what we've been talking about here, so there's hope....

Selena Illyria said...

Just read the article, a lot is going to have to be done in my opinion. It hasn't been a little inconsistent. There are two seasons worth of inconsistency.

As much hope as I have with Bryan Fuller's return, there is still some hesitance.

How do you make people care about characters when you've lost the viewpoint of the characters? Peter as a paramedic I can understand, Claire looking for colleges fine, but how can you make someone care about that? Returning them to normal life isn't enough here. You still have reset buttons and anytime someone’s feeling lazy all they have to do is go there. I’ll wait and see but there has got to be major improvement and maturation.