Friday, December 19, 2008

It 'Twas a Fun Signing

I told you guys that I had a signing last Saturday at the wonderful Cheesecake and Crime mystery bookstore in Henderson, NV. If you're near the shop, I highly recommend you check it out, as it's the perfect place to spend a rainy, snowy, or sunny day, resting in the comfy chairs, reading a new mystery, and thoroughly enjoying the amazing cheesecake. (Seriously, this is the best cheesecake, and I'm not just saying that.)

We had a great time there the other night. Vicki Pettersson, who writes the urban fantasy Zodiac series (which is a must read), is hilarious. Although sitting next to her gorgeousness makes me feel like a troll, we nonetheless conducted an interview session with each other. Then we took questions from the audience. Then we signed.

I think a good time was definitely had by all, and afterward, a few of us went out to a nearby Greek place to chow down and smoke a hookah pipe. Wheeeeee!

Hope you all are ready for Christmas. I'm not, but that's nothing unusual, LOL. I'll eventually tear myself away from the computer and get my rear in gear....

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